Can’t for the life me see how that wasn’t a free , hope they replay it again to have another look . Thought they were playing too laterally at the end but still they should have been given an opportunity to level it up . Lane is a shambles .


Thought Lane was shocking altogether. But UCD have noone to blame but themselves ultimately. Terrible shooting. Well done to Marys. A small college. Some very good players. Myler well deserved motm. Had a magnificent game.


Some win for st Mary’s. Paddy tally has done some job

They’re usually behind QUB and UUJ.


Did mannion play?. He went off injured yesterday in the semi final.


Mannion played alright, saw a Sportsfile photo of him with the jersey reefed off him.


Taken off in last 10 after getting a robust yellow


For those that don’t know…St Mary’s is a teacher training college.

So their pool of players is always going to be small compared to Queens and UU.

Having football on their CV might increase their chance of landing a teaching job when they graduate.

Out of interest…their manager is Paddy Tally…who trained tyrone in 2003.


Yes the Tyrone influence was clearly there …


None of your keepers of the flame in West Belfast


About 200 male students in total there


Good chance of getting their rock’n’roll tonight, so?


Not sure about getting their rock 'n roll.

But as they’re in west Belfast, those country lads mightn’t have a car to come home to.

(No offence to the falls road lads).


Don’t think there’s a 2018 Sigerson thread, so posting here. Apparently Con is due to start for UCD in their Sigerson semi final tonight, against UUJ I think.


NUIG beat DIT 2-12 to 15


Sigerson Cup semi-final FT in ET: UCD 0-16 UUJ 1-13 more extra-time to come


Extra extra-time (2 x 5mins) to follow


Sigerson Cup latest:
No score in the first 5 minutes of ExtraTime It remains:
UCD 0-16 UUJ 1-13


UCD won by 2


Sigerson Cup result: UCD 0-18 UUJ 1-13 (after two periods of extra-time)
How did con do?


Quiet enough I thought, but showed a bit of quality from time to time.

Jack Barry v good fielder of a ball…

But mother of god, that was freezing! What a night for 2 x extra time.