SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Spot on :grin:


I’m hearing this may go all the way to the high court. Might not see a championship this year if they take that route.


As far as I know then DRA is binding arbitration. And even if it’s not one member of every tribunal is a barrister and the arguments are presented by legal people. Very unlikely a judge would grant an injunction if the DRA rules against TD.

I’d be amazed on any number of grounds if the what you’re hearing is true.


I hear you Al. Just relaying what I was told by a member.


Well if he is a member he needs to have a word with anyone in the club who thinks the high court is a good idea. They’ll make fools of themselevs and alienate themselves from every other club in Dublin.


C.A.S is the next step after the DRA


Will this go down as a TD junket for paddy’s day??:airplane:


doubt that’s true, wouldn’t surprise me of someone Did say that though, if we are still in B after this or what ever way it works, I’m myself happy the club tried to fight for it but after DRA decision what ever it is it’s best just get on with it and forget about it, taking it to court would be a joke


What’s the actual TD rational for insisting they deserve to be in “A” …the 5 year spread seems a fair and relevant period to determine the first year. In reality, TD have not been at business end of Senior Football for long time.
There will always be small glitches but surely the B championship offers an easy solution, not the courts, offers the best way to enter the A.
Just curious what their thinking is?

If TD are happy to be so prominent and involved in trying to dictate how DCB run the SFC, I’m wondering if they’d also be happy to give similar input to all the other issues that DCB have on their workload…fixtures, disciplinary matters, referees, tickets, coaching, child welfare, finance, player welfare, county squads, player drop out etc etc … seems to me they have their priorities all wrong…


Anyone here what happened at DRA tonight


That could run very late…


They just sent out for pizza …


amHopefully tonight’s the end of this shble


Shambles r


Did this get resolved last night? Draws are supposed to be tonight apparently


Any word on whether it’s one/two rounds? Had that been changed?


Nothing here yet anyway.



What do you mean by this? Both the A & B championship will be 4 groups of 4, so playing 3 games before progressing to 1/4 finals.


If we go ahead with the new format championship they will be groups and not a straight knock out.
You will have to play 3 group games before 1/4 finals.


I meant how many games will be played in April?