SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Nobody likes them but they dont care… If Davis’ dont argue for themselves no one will. They are trying to keep lads in Tallaght playing GAA and have been since 1888. Maybe every one will be happy if they are thrown out altogether for fighting their corner… Let Rovers take their ground and put another nail in the coffin for GAA in a what is now a huge area blighted by other problems.


Stupid response. I have enormous time for what they do and know some very good people out there. A club I would have a lot of respect for. But they are wrong on this one. Saying this is not the same as wishing them gone. Nonsense to suggest it is.


last time for davis was 2011, to be fair parnells made the q/f after paying aload of intercounty lads/ retired intercounty players to join them, if they hadn’t theyd be div4 now


What a ridiculous comment. To suggest TD being in the second tier senior somehow correlated to young lads in Tallaght playing GAA is pure nonsense.
The reality is their pride is hurt and they’re finding it hard to accept they are no longer a powerhouse of Dublin club football despite results in recent years clearly pointing to that.
If they had a bit of cop on, they’d see this as an opportunity to rebuild and build up some excitement in the club by going on to win the B championship.


Based on the previous 5 championships surely nobody can complain…what makes it worse for TD imo is as said above they were the ones who brought this idea forward…secondly and more serious is @alanoc’s point that no championship football may take place next month due to this delay…whatever way people want to look at it the clubs and members are the ones that’ll suffer as per…


Strange that the TD hurlers playing in SHC B in 2018 is not a problem but football is???


It irrelevant who was playing for Parnells years ago.Most senior clubs have outside intercounty players. Parnells have beaten Annes and Fingal Ravens in last 2 years at senior championship without the superstars.


Does that post not belong in the Winter Olympics thread, or some other minority sports’ thread?


Didnt know the Dail were entering a team? :wink:


Apparently the DRA have requested further submissions before close of business next Monday, 12th. IN the hope that they will soon after render a decision there is a county committee meeting called for 15th March. If the DRA has not ruled by then then the meeting will be further deferred and I suspect that will be it for championship football in April.

Is it really worth all of this?


Thats the highest level their hurlers have played, the hurling format has been like that for years, totally different , silly comment, over a period of 5 yrs senior teams change, imo in order to get put out of senior A you need to be relegated.


In essence over a 5 year period they weren’t in the top 16 teams…when this new format was accepted by clubs 16 teams knew that they faced ‘relegation’


I beg to differ. It is not a silly comment, anything but. A “b” championship is either a championship or it’s not. If it’s not a championship in one GAA game it’s also not one in the other. If it is a championship in one GAA game it is also a championship in the other. We can’t have it both ways.


Why would they complain, theyve never played in the A, if they were in A in the hurling and it was the same structure and same happened to them, I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy and would contest it, anyhow had the county board not have fucked up it would not have gone this far, if davis want to compete against the best that’s upto them and have the right to fight for it.


Have they the right to go against what the vast majority of other clubs voted to agree to and hold up the competitions and plans of thousands of players?

The county board did not fcuk anything up. Everyone knew exactly where they stood. Votes were taken. That should have been the end of it.


did the county board ■■■■ up with the notice given?


I’m not sure that was the issue. It had to do with regulations not properly adopted. Allegedly.


so in effect very likely that TD will win the case on appeal and delay the implementation of the new format?


Will the judgment be screened live on RTE News Now?


Is the whole point of the structure of picking teams based on championship performances over the past 5 seasons? Davis did not meet the required criteria.

What happens if Davis are put back into A championship and do not qualify from their group. Do the lawyers hire private investigators to snoop around the clubs who beat Davis’s to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed with the off chance of getting through to the knockout stages on a technicality?