SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Any word on how it went last night ?


How is it holding up the hurling draws? That makes no sense


Farce at the moment, Championship in one month and zero draws made. I was excited about the new format as well, hopefully it stays as is.


Haven’t a clue I am baffled like you crazy it’s taking this long with championship 4 weeks away.


no decision last night back again next week this is getting stupid at this stage


What is galling about this is it’s only holding things up. The DRA cannot instruct the DCB to put any specific club into any specific championship. They can only instruct that the process, if flawed, be corrected. And that’s not going to result in Thomas Davis being put in the Senior A championship.

The DRA is mostly legal eagles making a few bob on the side.

I have to say their attitude to their fellow clubs in Dublin is very disappointing.


Thomas Davis have been wronged and therefore have every right to appeal, even if some people think that on a technical basis they have no chance of success.

TD have been a Div 1 team for a decade or more. While league can be different to championship, TD are clearly one of the best 16 teams in the county. They have been graded below Parnells, even though they would likely beat Parnells by 10 points or more in a championship match.

The grading process was clearly and obviously ludicrous and TD have a right to call it out as so. They haven’t delayed any games yet and it’s not TD’s fault that the appeal process is taking so long


League has nothing to do with championship. Several other clubs could likely make similar claims. TD are going against the democratic will of the clubs who accepted the way the new championship was to be graded. If and when they win CCC will simply re grade according to rule, which will give TD no avenue of appeal at all. TD are wasting eceyobw’s time and creating a real fuss over nothing.


Is TD’s real aim to delay the implementation of the new format for one more year where they will have a chance to win a 1st round game and push themselves into the top 16? I assume there is nothing they can do to change the grading process


Grading is entirely an issue for CCC and cannot be appealed. And I bet they’re sorry they consulted clubs now. All that will happen if TD win is CCC will grade without consultation and as per rule. The whole thing is a total waste of time. TD are arguing a pure technicality that will have absolutely no material outcome on the final result of the process.


but it sounds like on a technical basis, they have grounds for dismissing the format in 2018 based on a notice period or something similar?

Are they actually appealing the grading as such?

If they win it would surely mean that the old format remains for an extra year?


so easier appeal than get down to the basics of winning championship matches and be there on merit in 2019


I actually hope they get a Ballymun or Vincents in first round now


They can’t appeal a format that was agreed by the clubs of the county. All their appeals bar one were dismissed by Leinster. The one that was upheld is technical in nature and won’t benefit them in the long term.

This will be a great excuse not to play championship games in April.


Would it not be easier to scrap the championship and just give them the trophy now?


The format will be the same come 2019 but are they arguing to delay it by a year, redo the grading process in 2019 including the 2018 results and see what happens then based on the technical issue that seems to be in their favour?


I really got hope they are not simply using the DRA as a delaying mechanism.

If they delay a year then I suspect CCC will just grade without any consultation next year, as they are quite entitled to.

What chance of TD being rewarded for their current efforts when that happens?


Well given Parnells are graded as Senior A, there is absolutely no telling what the DCB could come up with!


Parnell’s are graded as Senior A on the basis of their record in championship over the last 5 seasons. On this record they earned their position.

People need to accept that league and championship are two totally separate competitions and performance in one will never determine grading in the other. Conversations on the method of the gradings for the new format SFC went on for a long time and in the end what CCC came up with was seen as the fairest way to do it. There were always going to be one or two clubs going to fall in the wrong side of the line. It’s the nature of these things unfortunately. Thomas Davis were actually one of the first clubs to propose the new format championship and have now thrown to toys out when they realized that they were going to be a victim of the separation. The reality of the matter is that they haven’t performed well enough in SFC over the past 5 year to earn a place in SFC A and no amount of technicalities can disguise that fact.

Thomas Davis and all other clubs were given plenty of notice of what was going to be proposed (Submissions from clubs were invited during the 2016 season) and still their club delegates supported the proposals at both football committee and county committee meetings in the run up the the introduction. They had many chances to object and any whinging about lack of notice is BS. They should concentrate on getting back to SFC A on the pitch and not in the committee room.


To be fair Parnells won 1st round championship game last year and 2016 and made Quarter Finals in 2012. TD have lost 4 1st round games out of last 6. They made QF in 2009 & 2011. When was last time Thomas Davis made a semi final of senior championship?