SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Senior B is intermediate and like hurling the winners should play inter winners for place in Leinster intermediate champ. Reason B champ is not called intermediate is because 16 clubs would have went mad to be regraded to inter. Unfortunately they have been regarded, but they dont realise it ,and worse if they win the B champ they have no Leinster to look forward to as its not " a real championship ".
Davis’ are fighting to be in A championship ( even with no chance of winning it ) 1 to keep their senior status and 2 so as to keep they players competing at the highest level and as even A.O’ Connor admits they do this all the time at juvenile age groups rather than trying to win titles at lower levels.

Tallaght has 5 Gaa clubs and to have none in the Dublin senior A championship would not help to promote Gaa . Apparently Tallaght has the lowest participation GAA rate in the country despite the efforts of the 5 clubs .

County board would not sanction any challenge matches over the last month to Davis’ minor or adult teams ( very petty ) on the pretext of affiliation fees. They apparently have paid all overdue fees and had to prepay this years to compete. Clubs have a right to argue their case and should not be punished when they do, despite the fact that no one will be happy if championship is delayed but that should definitely not happen.


Maybe it’s time for some of them to amalgamate !




But they keep senior status in B as you have said above!? :thinking:


Davis’ appeal to Leinster was on a variety of grounds, all of which bar one, to do with regulations and when they need to be adopted, were rejected. CAC then overturned that decision as it Leinster clearly misapplied Rule 3.19(d).

That is the only decision that the DRA can review. And if, by some miracle, they rule in favor of TD then it will do TD absolutely no good at all as the process will simply be repeated with any defects remedied and the will of The vast majority of the clubs will finally be adhered to.


Actually youre wrong there, they wouldn’t of appealled on the point they won at the LC as you cant appeal a point you had success in, they appealled on the points they lost. The point they won is no longer relevent due to the sccess of the DCB appeal, to my knowledge? that is how I imagine an appeal works.


Sorry. I have it backwards. It seems they appealed to the DRA before county management had their appeal upheld. So it’s the others matters rejected by Leinster that are going to the DRA.

The rules allegedly infringed are technical and I cannot see how DCB infringed them.


or else just play one code like ballymun


What’s the latest on Davis objection any date for DRA hearing


Is the Davis appeal holding up both draws been made for football and hurling championship ? And is championship roughly 5/6 weeks away ?


I believe the Appeal is next Monday and draw is Tuesday


Provisionally Tuesday depending on result of the appeal.
Could be a big mess if DRA back TD


It won’t be. The matter is procedural. That can be corrected very quickly. A win at the DRA will not place TD in Senior A. In fact CCC can just grade as thy wish and not consult clubs at all. Which is likely what will happen.


Which they have done in the past


And clearly they’d be better off doing that now.


Was the appeal heard last night?


No idea. No statement on DRA website. DRA take their time issuing their findings. Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later


Won’t be heard this week due to the bad weather forecast


Any word on the appeal?


Is this still going on, it’s a disgrace as it’s holding up the draws for a championships at adult level both football and hurling.