SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


If they redid the grading next year on the basis of the last 5 years, it could change a few of the teams at the bottom of pot A and the top of Pot B depending on wins or losses


Yeah that’s correct re the notice fell short of a few days.

Regardless What the outcome is they will still be in the B championship when the restructure comes in be it this year or next.


Ah they won’t if they win their first round this year lets say on basis of last years championship structure being run off. 4 teams on 8 points, 1 point behind getting into the A. To be fair to them they don’t want to be in the B, they see themselves as above the likes of Parnells, Parnells are only in the A because they effectively paid for it 5 years ago.


Not if the county board come out and change it tomorrow before a ball is kicked in this years championship and don’t take this year into account.



Surely Davis shoukd be ensuring they win the senior 2 2018 instead of pissing around with 20 year old chips on their shoulders about everyone from sdcc to dcb to Crokes park.


I doubt very much TD are the only club not happy, How Cuala, Maurs could be happy in the B is beyond me. Just because they didnt appeal doesnt not mean they are happy, The appeal process is extrememly tedius, time consuming when time is of the essence, should the DCB want to push through another restructure, I would bet there would be a higher level of opposition.


I think the blame should be with @alanoc

It was his idea to put TD in the B championship


Because they intend winning their vway onto senior 1 I presume. Cuala champ form has been dire in recent years so cannot complain


TD, Maurs, Cuala possibly Annes see themselves as capable of winning the B, that means 1 of those teams will be at least 4 years in the B championship and still have to contend with the team relegated from A. TD in a minor final this year they should of won, they were in a semi final a few years ago, they obviously have been working on the Juvenille section you only have to look at league tables last year. In turn if they can muster these guys into the Adult teams they have a chance at doing something, that something being a B championship instead of a Semi Final or a Final of an A, I can tell you winning a B wont give young Dublin GAA players the same learning or experience as a run in the A championship and experiencing what is so special about a SFC, end of story. Before any of you mention, I am not talking about them winning an A anytime soon but they could find themselves in that B for a long time. 1 team up 1 team down is a disgrace.


1 up 1 down is the most logical championship decision possible surely


Yet they relegated 16 teams this year…


Yes because the Dublin championship was a joke. Look at the scoreline of recent years. This gives 1y teams a chance of a championship instead of a trouncing every time unless they happened to be drawn available another. 10 years over due


TD Beaten by 1-4 points max in last 4 years I think?..


Regardless of the outcome, TD should be ashamed of themselves. Acting like complete spoilt children


Think Robert Mugabe said the same thing when the people of Zimbabwe wanted democracy


was the new format not democratically voted in by clubs ?


I think 2 up 2 down would probably be better, makes it more appealing to teams in the B.


What would make it more appealing would be the winners getting entry into the Leinster Intermediate Championship.


You are dead right. Identical situations.


Hasn’t done the club hurling game in Dublin any harm when they done the same thing 20 years ago. If you win the B you are promoted to the A and get a chance to prove you are good enough to be there. If you aren’t you go back down to the B. You also get a run in Leinster provided you can beat the winners of the Intermediate championship, something that isn’t as easy as people think