SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Bit harsh to call the grading system flawed. 15 of the 16 teams who are in the 2018 SFC 1 would have been in Pot A (round one winners last year) this year under the old system. The odd team out are St O. Plunketts ER who were beaten in Round 1 last year.

The Div 1 finalist you mention would have made Pot A in 2018 but had a few disappointing years before that which counts against them. The Div 3 team bookended a couple of bad years with good years, they would have been in Pot A In 2018 too.

The grading system was approved by a massive majority of representatives of the clubs. DCB is not some group of people hidden in a dark room in Parnell Park, it is a County Committee who make decisions democratically with every club having an entitlement to take part in decisions. If a method used is nonsense it is nonsense because nobody put forward a better method that would work . Maybe if the Hurlers came off the ditch…?


Heard TD fixtures are being pulled this weekend by the ccc due fee’s not being up to date


They’re unhappy with their grading? What else could it be?

And by and large the committees in Dublin are good. Board Delegate has already outlined what happened. TD are swimming against the tide here. And they’re in the wrong.




Pulled? All levels?


Walkovers I presume


Not true


Fake news not true


I’ve no idea what the grounds are and clearly either do you . But Leinster are not after backing them on the grounds of there unhappy.
Given the fact your willing to shout and dictate to everyone one this with out knowing the facts fully is clueless in itself
If the dra throw it out then so be it , but if it’s a technical breach then they have a decent chance of success


Shout yes. Dictate? To whom? And how? This board is the essence of democracy. Anyone is free to agree or disagree. It’s anoity some can’t do it with a little grace.

I’m offering an opinion. Something that is
Becoming increasingly difficult around here worjiut people resorting to name calling and personal abuse.

I think we all know exactly what TD are appealing. They are unhappy with their grading. Leinster agreed with them for some reason. Croke Park didn’t and rightly in view of the rules. The DRA now gets the legal eagles involved and who knows what will happen then.

What is sure is that all TD will do is ensure a new process which still might see them outside the A championship. DRA will not hand them a place in the A with. No repercussions.


No Alan your trying to force your opinion . An opinion that your willing to force when you openly admit to not knowing all the facts . Leinster don’t agree with your opinion and there “probably clueless”
It seems like you have a genuine dislike for Thomas Davis… do you ?
I don’t care if they end in a or b and would have the same opinion of any club that fought for there existence.
Don’t forget in one year they are being removed from senior and inter champ . Is that fair ?


You can’t ‘force’ an opinion. That statement makes absolutely no sense.

Simple fact. Thomas Davis are not happy with their grading. They have appealed that. You cannot appeal a grading as per rule. Whatever they’re appealing beyond that won’t change the underlying fact and will not result in them getting what they want. The absolute best they can hope for is that Dublin will be instructed perform the process again, correcting any procedural defects. That won’t result in TD being placed in Senior A.

I have no issue whatsoever with Thomas Davis other than I think that they are wrong in this case. I know some great people out there and have great admiration for what they do. They’re a model for what a club should be.

Hope that doesn’t upset you too much.


Seems like there is a big debate going on here and no one actually knows the facts. 1 why TD appealled, What grounds, 2, Why did the Leinster council support their appeal, 3, Why did the CAC support the DCB and uphold an appeal against the LC.


Your talking about sence yet your openly making a judgement without all the fact !!!
The mind boggles for the youth , it really does !
Alan you don’t have the capability to upset me. I’m not like you I don’t get annoyed easily cause someone stands up and fights for what they believe in . Seems like your taking it personally that td have the guts to stand up and at least fight .


And there it is. Fair play. Some people will
never let you down.


This is my point . If td are unsuccessful then that’s that but given that Leinster have upheld the appeal there is a chance that the dra could support them . I couldn’t care less what happens . But we have no problem in this county when we take things to the dra to get players free to play .


No problem Alan tell you what you keep shouting the same thing and talking your sence and I’ll just ignore you . And feel free to do likewise . Clearly you don’t like it when people point out flaws in your views !
Have a good day


I don’t like it when anonymous cowards have a pop at me over my job. Unfortunately you’re not the first.

And it’s spelled ‘sense’

Good day to you.


Jaysus, you come across childish a lot of the time on here if people don’t agree with you, the situation between td and dcb has nothing to do with you, relax.


I have heard that the appeal was going down the road of insufficient notice given on the change to the championship structure. I can’t swear 100% on this but this is what I have heard. As mentioned above one cannot appeal gradings but can appeal on technicalities such as notice etc. However if successful with the DRA (and we all know about them and technicalities) I would imagine that DCB would have to redo the champo. Now that could, depending on the timing, mean that the championship would have to go ahead this year as per last year and the new structure come into place next year. However, this wont be of benefit to any club as the same gradings are most likely to come into place, unless a 100/1 shot comes from the back to win the race.
Therefore I cannot understand how any club would continue with the appeal. To me its a waste of time and resources.