SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


You’d be correct . Fake news.


It needs serious work. Next time you’re on the pitch, feel how hard it is.


No amount of maintenance work will resolve.
AW Pitches have shelf life and when fibres eventually get flattened through use, you have to take up top layer.
Ball park 300k which thankfully they seem to have to hand.


Set up a hockey section in the club & Shane Ross will u give u €150,000.


And when the minister calls to open it, make sure “ground hurling only lads”…


on it all the time, iv no bother with it


You would be Correct


Our club used Belvedere college’s all weather down opposite Croker for the adult team training for pre-season. Fine surface on it, but the college insisted no hurling was allowed on the pitch to preserve the surface. Of course on hearing this it sealed the deal for our committee to use the pitch which left the hurlers with nowhere to train.

So maybe there is a longer lifespan for the all weather surface if football only is played on them?


Hurling wouldn’t make any odds. It’s weight flattening effect of foot traffic that would be issue and same for football and hurling.
As you should brush the carpet twice monthly, in theory, hurling with the impact of hurls would be actually better for it as you’d be dislodging crumbs of rubber on an outgoing basis…nerd I know


Is Championship Draw on tonight


Aw pitch hasn’t been maintained at all since it opened. very hard on the body. Have seen injuries ranging from bad burns up to knee injuries on it. Some lads flat out refuse to train and play on it and i have seen some club’s refuse to play on it. Think work has already began on the pitches set for the postal grounds


The pitch is hard but it’s still better than a lot of grass pitches. The floodlights for hurling are a different story. Very poor. There have been a few night hurling championship matches played there over the years and the amount of missed high catches were ridiculous in one of the matches I saw. Have played hurling challenges myself on it and it would be my least favourite floodlit venue in Dublin.




Countdown to this thread and it’s demise…draw on shortly