SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Yes but I at least thought they’d stick to the time frame they set…i was genuinely thinking as you said an all junior championship as was the case many years ago…if people think some senior scores were bad there’d be actual cricket scores in the junior…at least alls well that ends well


Am I wrong in saying TD have made a fortune recently by selling some land?
What a waste of money,you’d buy lots of footballs and Hurleys for the money they’ve blown on what was probably an ego trip for a couple of individuals.


You are correct in saying that TD made a fortune by selling some land. However, your follow on comment is pure bulls…t. How in God name would selling an asset be a waste of money. What money did they blow and it was certainly no ego trip for a couple of individuals. If you only knew the facts you would understand that it was a fantastic coup for the TD club. There are too many clowns commenting on such matters without knowing the full story. And just in case, I am not a TD member but am an admirer of how they go about THEIR business.


I suspect the post is in relation to wasted legal fees on the appeal as opposed to actually an issue with selling the land


Think you might want to read the post properly before accusing someone of talking bulls…t! Ironic don’t you think!


I presume Thomas Davis are red hot favourites for the B championship now?


Try reading what I said!!!


Did TD buy land from postal club?


TD sold land for 4 million last October. I think it was subject to PP so not sure if they’re clear of that yet.

Had to google postal club…if owned by company, they could well have been offloading land since an post is a basket case in losses and pension deficit.


I heard TD bought some postal land and sold pitch beside their astro to some housing development.


As far as I know they sold some land to a builder and bought some off the Postal Club and got a great deal. They’ve done a brilliant job on rebuilding their clubhouse which serves fantastic food by the way but what I find annoying is money being wasted on groundless legal challenges when that money could be put to much better use for ALL their members especially the juvenile section.


An Post always had a place in Kiltipper? Presume that’s where yizzer talking about?



Right next door to TD. Looks v promising


The builder brought the land at the postal club but couldn’t get planning on it

He approched TD and enterted into a land swap for their grass pitch beside their Astro pitch

There was also a financiall aspect to it TD i beleave got just short of 1 million euro and the land at the Postal club which i think borders their existing senior pitch


Not sure how accurate you are there. They Definately got 4 million for the pitch, it was well documented before Christmas.


The open market value of thecpitch was 4 million according to the local papers
But the land was never sold it was part of a land swap deal
TD recieved less than 1Million


They need to use some of that money to replace their astro surface.


Astro is grand. just needs to be brushed out more often


They opened AW in 2006. That’s 12 years.
Recommended life of top carpet is 10 years - max 12 with very good maintenance, use of shockpad and medium use. (“needs to be brushed more often” and number of teams in TD would suggest 10 years ). Feedback I’ve heard from juvenile teams is that its hard on body

One big issue with GAA is they don’t enforce their own rules on requiring testing every 3 years of AW pitches.
Another is that clubs get AW pitches but don’t financial plan on how they’ll replace top surface after 10 years. Hence they don’t get replaced when they should.
There are some pitches in Dublin over 15years and you might as well be playing on Des Kelly 6mm laminate.
Legal minefield


You seem fairly definite but I still think you are mistaken