SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


So DRA have dismissed the claim

Draws next Wednesday.

I hope Davis didn’t spend too much money flutting about.


Fond of an oul legal objection or 2!!!


Right well you know which weekend the matches are on now, get him to let them know early that he will possibly need one of the days off that weekend


Big pressure to win the B now :joy:


I Massive boost to credibility of B championship to have likes of TD in the hat. Lads from rolestown to cuala can now dream for the next few days of maybe pulling “the Barcelona of d24” out of the hat…will there be a “group of death”?


Not that surprising. Whoever was advising TD should really be ashamed of themselves. But then maybe they have made their fees.


Skerries are in the A skip…


You talk some shite all the same


Sometimes blunt is good. Unless it’s James.


ill disagree but I’ll jog on nonetheless


Wouldn’t be hard to be the “Barcelona of Dublin 24” considering they are the only division 1 team from the location would it


James Blunt is rhyming slang and indeed very apt!


First coined by Jo Brand, I believe.


The final decision from the DRA is up on their website for anyone interrested in reading it


That’s that I guess. From quick read through fairly conclusive finding against TD. Thank goodness for that :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a slam dunk against TD. I really would love to know who was advising them.

And who thought that it was a good idea to go this far over something like a cahmpionship grading.


Great news however it was still shambolic not only for TD but the amount of time it took to get the right decision…I will predict now TD will not win the senior b just to make this whole situation look farcical on their behalf


Once you involve the DRA you’re into legal/barrister territory. That never happens fast


Or cheap…losing party often foots the bill.

Old article but probably relevant


It’s absolutely daft stuff. And we’ve contributed a few quid to it as a county. And most claimants lose