SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Good Good. I thought there was only one Junior championship but it makes more sense to have two to cater for the standards.


Independent reporting the DRA ruling will issue today. Let the fun and games begin if TD are actually successful. Although the fact that there is a derogation in the rule that allows counties to act in a way that TD are objecting to with the permission of Central Council might well be the end of their argument.


Other side of the coun is if TD win the case today that would mean their own Hurlers who won last years intermediate championship would’nt get promoted to Senior

It will cause a major split in their own club


Explain that to me ??? Only catching up on everything on this tread


4 weeks to Champuonship and players and managers have no idea what Championship or grade they are in not to mention don’t know what opposition they will have , very hard to prepare a team in these circumstances.

I commend Thomas Davis for fighting for what they believe in to a point but to hold up every other person involved is nothing short of a disgrace.

Very very disappointing all round .


I’d say that wouldn’t bother some of the hierarchy in TD who see Hurling as an inconvenience & are not overly happy to see the progress that’s been made recently.


Well that’s Bollox :joy:


This is irrelevant really, it’s an inconvenience not knowing who you are playing yes, but f you knew who you were playing would you be changing training strategies 4 weeks away???



It’s also lads to know what day etc playing a lot of fellas work sat and sun day and night shift .


Hmmm, how many people would need to know the exact date 4 weeks in advance?


Thomas Davis are prob a top team 10 in dublin any day of the week. I think they are right to object.


Those flying in from abroad …


Except championship weeks when they have been beaten by St Annes and Skerries in the last few years


The results don’t bear that out.


Plenty . And by the looks of this with this fiasco at earliest teams will be find out next thurs 3 weeks before football 2 before hurling . Loads of players I’d imagine would be under pressure trying to get a sat or sun off with that sort of notice especially younger lads not established in their employment . I know from experience with my own young lad


except championship match days in the last 5 years


Has anyone responded to this yet…ok grand!

Also, the time to object was right around the time they actually voted YES!!!

jog on…


Na, couldn’t be that many, dont believe you


Grand so that’s ur opinion sure every employer loves the gaa and supports it fully . Just gave up a coal face example from my own son but doesn’t really matter will leave it at that