SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


As far as I know this goes well beyond the Dublin County Board powers.
Open to correction but as far as i’m aware to gain senior status you must win the championship below, and that is a GAA nationwide rule, not a local Dublin one.
It’s possible that is different when it is a Senior B championship and it will remain that you must win Intermediate to become Senior (but play in Senior B) and that they can promote and relegate as many as they want between Senior A and Senior B as they are both technically Senior, but if it’s not then there is nothing the DCB can do about it without going to congress.


That’s actually not a bad system . 4 winners from A into semis 4 r up play 4 winners of b groups in q/f think most clubs would go for that . We just need this shit sort


But why can one club decide how the Championship should be run, when the initial format was voted on by all clubs? One thing is them appealing, another thing is them telling other clubs what the new format should be, farcical.


How do you win the B champo then and get promoted to A the following year? By the sounds of it you cant do that by wining your group. Is it the 2nd and 3rd placed teams playing off in a 1/4 final?


Take the split as is now .
The 16 A teams in 4 groups of 4 . Likewise B.
The 4 winners of the A groups go to 1/4s .
2nd in A groups play the winners of the B groups to get to quarter finals .
The teams that finish bottom of a groups drop to b groups for next year replaced by b group winners .
The bottom teams in b groups play off for relegation.
Essentially there is no B championship with this plan.


I actually don’t mind that as a suggestion. But the horse has bolted.
Also what about the fact that 26 teams will still never have a champo they can win. At least Senior B gives you that


Not sure where 26 teams comes into it.


I beleave TD have questioned the legality of a B championship in the first place
Their understanding is you can only have 1 championship in a grade
Thats why the Hurling championships are also delayed because if DRA rules in favour of TD the Senior B championship in Hurling has to be scrapped


Worth noting that if they win it is very possible that there can only be one junior championship.


Christ above !. Im a junior C/D hurler and was only reading this to fill the time.


The proposals are self serving nonsense. Think it out! SFC 1 is made up of the top 16 teams in the County. SFC2 the next 16, including the weakest senior teams, some of whom haven’t won a championship game in years.
One group in SFC1 could have one seeded team ( semifinalist from the previous year) and 3 of the best other teams with only two of them qualifying. A group in SFC2 could have 4 very weak teams with one qualifying to meet the 2nd team from SFC1 in the “pre quarter final”. The purpose of the restructuring was to eliminate one sided games in the early rounds not to move them to the post qualification stage.
An SFC1 team could end up being better off being relegated to the 2nd level and qualifying for the playoff stages from there.
There was plenty of opportunity to put proposals to the County Board over the last couple of years. Why support and vote for something and then get upset when your team is not included in the top level? TDavis voted for the proposals (they must have, it was a unanimous vote!) . They sleepwalked into the situation but now it’s everyone’s fault not theirs.


This case could open up a whole can of worms that could affect other counties not just Dublin


I You’d assume most other clubs across the country see the bigger picture of being part of GAA.


An even wider reaching impact for the grass root Sunday morning player who shoukd be at the heart and soul of every club


Isn’t there only one junior championship under the new proposal which will consist of clubs first teams only? The other championships are the all county championship that caters for 2nd and so on teams but have no chance of playing in the provincial championships.


This is gone mad. Sport should not belong in our courts or subject to this kind of legal wrangling and possibility of skewing everything. It goes against the whole bloody notion of sport. Thomas Davis practised law himself but this is all a bit ridiculous at this stage.


So if TD win and the Senior B championship is deemed not to exist where does that leave players who played Senior B last season? Are they Serior or Intermediate? They can’t seek to regrade at this stage as the regrading slot is now closed afaik. More confusion.


From what I hear there will be two Junior championships for first teams under the 2018 proposals reflecting different standards at junior level. There will also be all county championships for all the remaining teams. Those remaining teams would not play in Leinster anyway if one of them won the championship which has been the rule over the past few years.
If the DRA rule against DCB there could be one SFC, one IFC and one JFC, all for first teams only,likewise in hurling. And nothing else!


Jaysus … back to the days of 100 runners and riders in the JFC…


Ya theres supposed to be a junior 1 and junior 2 championship. New propossls would give clubs a chance of winning a championship that they have never had before. If dra rule in favour of TD single team clubs in lower divisions could nearly not bother fielding in championships