SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Being that there has been no word from the DRA it seems likely that tonight’s county committee meeting will be cancelled. Unless there’s white smoke in the next few hours.


This is ridiculous . 4 weeks to scheduled date of championship and players/ management not only haven’t draw date clarification of if it’s going ahead on this date but don’t even know the fecking format . I would imagine with 1 league game off cause of snow and only 1 more scheduled before suppose 1st date of championship it’s really tough on all teams involved . I think and it’s only a personal opinion that board should now make a call and let all teams know what’s happening . As I don’t blame them ( Davis solely responsible ) I do think the lack of communication is shocking and disrespectful . Make a call , put a league game the weekend of first round and play just 1 round end of april . Would be great for clubs I would imagine to get an extra league match in but also great for them to get their county lads . Added bonus . But more importantly teams can plan accordingly . Surely to god this farce will be sorted by end of April so gives board breathing space


They should have committee meeting . Fix a league game for 14/15 April . Rubber stamp new format fix 1 round for 28/29 April . Tell Davis we are going ahead with what was agreed and won’t be bullied and then everyone knows where they stand and gives them time . Thank god I am retired absolute shambles


Can’t do that much band all as I would like to. Got to run with the DRA. Hopefully they’ll rule soon.


Meeting put back to weds week…if dra make a decision


TD really should do the right thing now.


TD members should do the right thing and call an EGM and throw out the tools that have brought them into disrepute again


Alan, I saw the proposals. The one if they win is excellent. It actually keeps TD in the B champ ( amazingly ) but it gives all 16 teams in the B a chance to get into A after group stage ( which includes ones that have every right to be in the A champ as some are down due to being on the unseeded side of the champ so have played top teams over last 5 years and some for example Maurs are not in it long enough to gain enough wins ). Only down side for some is it adds one more champ match but for clubs that’s good. Its basically the winners of the 4 group B champ play the runners up in 4 group A champ. The A championship runner up should win but at least it gives every team ( all 32 senior ) in Dublin a fair chance of progress. Either way it prob won’t help Davis until their last few minor teams mature but it defo help Maurs, Cuala Templeogue SS, this year and probably others in future years as in Dublin things can change quickly for many clubs.

However with all the hassle the board wont appease them by agreeing to it which might be a pity.


Might be easier if every other AFL1 team gave them a league walkover this year. They’d only make playoffs to be beaten so one of other 3 in playoffs would rightly win afl1 title.


So the issue is not necessarily that Davis are in the B championship, it is the 1 up down 1 aspect of it that is being appealed?


I’d imagine it’s a combination of a lot of things .
People can talk all the shit they want senior b is not senior . Look at the level of respect it was given in last few years . If the dcb thought so much of the b set up why were results from that not included from last few years when trying to decide teams fate.


it is a different competition to the senior b of the last few years. There is a promotion and relegaton from it.


KPreviously it was tournament that you went into after losing in sfc A.

You’re right “Senior b is not senior” but on the flip
side, we previously had 8-10 teams in senior who weren’t senior at all.




Was it classed as a senior championship game?
If you played in it could you then turn out for you inter or junior team in champ the week later? Serious question


as far as im aware it didn’t have any impact on status. It’s why UCD couldn’t get turfed out 2 years ago for giving a walkover in it


That seems to be the case. So perhaps a lot of the stick for TD may not be as warranted as was thought. As it seems a DRA win for them would help a lot of clubs both now and in the future.


TD’s main reason, as it is the common thread to all their proposals, is to remain in the A championship. There is merit to looking for more than 1 up and down but I doubt they would be going all the way to the DRA if that was their sole concern


In fairness a 1 up 1 down approach does have some serious flaws. Look at how clubs have treated the existing B Championship over the last how many years, nobody gives a f.

It is just going to isolate a lot of clubs and ring-fence clubs in the A championship.

2 up 2 down feels like it would give more merit to both Championships.


People didn’t give a fook about the B championship because it wasn’t a championship. There was no promotion or relegation from it. It was just extra games which was good but not a focus from the start of the year. It is not the same as this years B championship

I do agree though that there is merit on a 2 up 2 down approach but don’t see it as critical