SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Isn’t the whole issue that TD have been excepted.
Can’t we all just accept that and move on? :policeman::eyes:

Regarding your point around notice of the change, are you really suggesting that it should be based on one year’s results on the back of the luck of the draw? That is hardly more fair…
The only alternative is that you announce your planned change 3 to 5 years ahead of doing it…come on…

The letters from the 3 other clubs are probably where they belong, on the scrap heap.


It’s shocking really…championships held up all the way to junior…if it wasn’t so embarrassing to the sport I would probably laugh at the carry on


I chose to remove myself from this topic awhile back . I’ve a disinterest in this case . I’d respect any club who choose to fight for there beliefs . If they are proved wrong then so be it .
One aspect that amazes me is the lack of blame that is being laid at the county board .
I’ll wait till the full report is out before commenting further


So had they have known 5 years ago this the process they would have tried harder to win the games they lost?


Why would you blame the county board?

No one else is.

The full report will be of interest to rule book junkies and not too many other people. All they want to know is when they can get on with their championship.


I focking hate Raheny. Posher, bigger, neighbouring, etc…

Then again, how COULD you hate a club that gives you Whelo, Fento and Howard?


Well OK give it 3 years… At least clubs would know what’s ahead. As for the letters, it’s more a case of allowing others do their dirty work. If that’s the case how is it fair at all. Some clubs lost championship games by very small margins to top clubs, others had cricket scores against them… How is it decided on performances. why wasn’t the senior B results brought into. Was the performance In that championship just excluded. Cualas win for instance, got them no where. Its within every clubs right to fight for what they see as best for themselves.


CCC would have been perfectly entitled, as per rule, to grade as they saw fit without any consultation with clubs. And their gradings would not have been subject to appeal and everyone would have to get on with it. But they didn’t. They chose to involve clubs and try and get them on side. Which was a good idea. But look where it got them? TD are acting in very bad faith.


Easily :joy::joy:


Nope but a team can change a lot in 5 years, totally different starting 15 to 5 years ago.


So this totally different starting 15 get to show they are an A championship team by winning the B championship first. Very unusual for a team to have a totally different starting 15 to 5 years ago at the top level in club or county.




Well not exactly 15 but changed alot, u still don’t base results from 5 years ago anyway.


so base it from 3 years back

2015 TD lost to Na Fianna
2016 TD lost to Skerries
2017 TD beat Clontarf and then lost to St Brigids

Would still only give them one win in 3 years

They lost to St Annes in 2014 as well so it’s not exactly like they have played the very top teams year after year in the same way Maurs have for example


Any word on this? Getting ridiculous now


That’s some p1ssing and moaning. You are put in the B based on results, thats all that matters. Get on with it and win the B if you are good enough to be in the A


You say “absolute ridiculous comment” and then go on a rant which is ridiculous in itself.

“Surely all teams deserve to be graded…” - All teams were (including TD), and their results in the last 5 years of championship proved that they weren’t good enough.

“information not given to them…” - Clubs were informed of new structure and how it would come out, not informed 5 years ago but it went to vote by all clubs and was passed; so they knew exactly what they were buying into.

“TD, like Maurs & Cuala should be given a chance this year to fight for Senior A” - They are, they’ve a chance to fight to win the B, and therefore be in the Senior A next year.


In an ideal world the new structures remain but promotion / relegation is increased to 2 teams.


I would agree with that. 2 should be promoted/relegated every year


I’d agree with that. You more than likely will have lost 5 games to end up in the bottom 2 of any championship and can’t complain really