SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


do TD think they will be representing Dublin in Leinster at senior level in 2018. Representation of Dublin is a total red herring

Some people high up in the club are seriously deluded and seem to think the league is relevant to championship.
as a club member above has highlighted the track record in stupid appeals and claims is not good and does no favour to the many genuine people in TD who are fighting the odds in promoting the game. From the outside winning a senior B title would promote the club much better than winning a DRA spat


no but they would have a very good chance of representing Dublin at intermediate level if the championships were named what they are in reality


If they thought winning Senior B was unfair as not to have a chance to represent the county in Leinster, I feel simply suggesting and advocating for a similar set-up to what they have in the hurling championships at the moment would have been a lot fairer.

Intermediate winners vs Senior B winners have a play off. Winner represents Dublin in the second tier All Ireland Club Championship. Fair enough.

It is just farcical and selfish at this point.


Is there an actual reason why this farce is holding up the hurling draw?


I wish the County Board would come out and actually update us on where things are at, when they expect to have the draw etc.


That would be ideal. Every club player in the county has been effected thus far. Provisionally hurling is to start in 3.5 weeks times, football in 4.5 weeks time and we know nothing yet!


That would be the right thing to do provide clubs with an update . At the moment nothing is held is up and people are getting their nickers in a twist.

Although can’t imagine Jim Gavin be to disappointed of there is a delay in the champo.

I think it would be good for all teams involved in the B if they had the opportunity or the incentive to represent Dublin and intermediate level similar to hurling


At this stage they might just bring forward two league games and postpone it till after the Dubs.


So if they win then they win and if they lose then they win. Nice can I have a few of those chances in life.


All of this makes me wonder (perhaps this has been a thread previously), who are the most disliked club in Dublin, and why…? (Taking rivalries out of it of course…)

What are the factors behind this dislike…?

  • success (everyone hates a winner)
  • imports
  • playing style (dirty or negative 10 sweepers etc)
  • poxy ground
  • influencing the county board etc



I think it was a thread previously and if you don’t mind, the mods have enough to do on this site without refereeing bickering over such a thing :wink:


Safe to say could be TD if champo gets postponed in the county :grinning:


Its all a ploy by Jim to have the players free for April


Davis’s are a good club with a long history who have great people involved in all levels of the club a club who on the whole most gaa people in the city and county would have respect for I would say but the club have been let down in my opinion by bad administration and direction for a long time now and this is just another prime example of it this appeal etc is a pure save face job that has backfired badly its the idea of the club being in a b championship that’s the issue the visuals of it the notions of it that doesn’t sit well with some but if u don’t do it homework this is what happens


Any chance of a full stop in there?


Any chance of this shit show being over


The club needs to call an EGM and end this circus now.


Most of the club haven’t a clue what’s going i hear


Absolute ridiculous comment… Their hurlers are obviously in the division they are capable of… Where they got to, by playing games, not decided on a vote… Surely all teams deserve to be graded by games they win and lose. I presume their appeal is based on, information not given to them 5 years ago, that the results would determine where they end up. No point telling a club 3 years later that their results from 3 years ago will now come to decide their future. I Wonder where are the letters that 3 other clubs indicated that they had sent in on same issue are?. Td, like maurs & cuala should have been given a chance this year to fight for senior A. And let it be decided on the pitch with full knowledge of the results deciding their future. Not told 3 years later, oh by the way, you lost a game way back then, now your going to suffer… Wonder if this process was done 20 years ago, would a certain kingpin of Dublin football have excepted it without appeal, when they were not too hot at the time.


Well the ones who do need to stand up and say enough is enough. Laughing stock of Dublin will only be the half of it if championship is badly affected. They will be the most hated club in Dublin, well at least at Snr level.