SFC ‘1’ & ‘2’ 2018 Gradings


Two by the looks of the master calender and then the 3rd group game in September. Madness to be honest as the month of April is for clubs. The 3rd game should be all played then.

But as last in each group go into the relegation play off I would hope that none of the 3rd games in September would be dead rubber games.


It happened Jude’s and others in hurling last year. Gone in April.


there should still be relegation at stake to avoid it come the 3rd round of matches


As a Davis’s man I find it hard to understand why the club is objecting in the way it is. First of all the club doesn’t have a great track record in objections and court appeals i.e. tallaght stadium which cost the club financially and in reputation in my opinion and history seems to be repeating. Secondly if as lads are saying that davis’s where to the forefront of pushing the New format and fully understand the terms and conditions as such I find the current position even hard to understand
,Davis’s have been abysmal in championship for a long time know anyway and their current position is as a result. Finally the club should take this as an opportunity to win a championship and prove people wrong, I don’t see caula or maurs giving out.


They have lost the plot completely. They have emailed all clubs with suggestions as to what should be done if they win or if they lose. Yes, you read that right. Even if they lose they want things to change to suit themselves. But what’s worse if they win they want to dictate how things should be.

And the basis of this seems to be one of the most spurious technical objections I’ve ever come across.

Some people in that club have clearly gone mad. In essence they seem to want to run the county, win or lose.


Can you post the text of the email?

Or PM me if you’re not comfortable publicly posting it


Suspend davis from 2018 championships see how quickly they change their tune. What is it their appealing exactly can somebody explain


The only thing I can see is whoever represented the club during the process of the new championship being decided and put in place had their eye way off the ball when it came to the a and b championship being decided on every clubs results in the previous 5 years. Either that person or person’s where asleep out of the room or just didn’t do their homework on the Davis’s results because as I said going on ten years the club’s championship performances and results have not been great at all.


On what grounds? I agree with the sentiment, mind you.


Refusal to abide by the new format which they agreed upon until somebody in their club kicked up a fuss. Holding up champ for all other clubs so let them sit this year out and carry on with their appeal and re enter the b champ nxt year which im sure will be the case anyway this year


Well whoever they are, they are just making fools of themselves now. Everyone is entitled to make their case but they’ve already gone all the way and are now preempting that decision with suggestions as to what should happen WIN OR LOSE with regard to the DRA.

I’ve never seen anything like it in all my time as a member of the Association.


So does anyone know for definite what stage are we at and or when we will know outcome . Just over 4 weeks to championship and still no closer to knowing . Joke


Will you please indicate what they suggest what they suggest please


If they lose they want a 20 team championship this year. I wonder why.


With 12 in the B?


That 2018 SFC A be structured so that it includes as many teams as necessary to ensure that their team, based on their position on a league table on SFC performance over five years, is included as part of the 2018 SFC A competition.
The balance of SFC teams to take part in the 2018 SFC B competition.


Was the draw done?


Have county board got contingency in the case of Davis winning this .


To be fair to TD, they make a very relevant point in that the senior B championship is in effect a reserve championship in limbo between senior and inter with no chance to represent Dublin in Leinster


It sounds like they knew this when they agreed to the format at the start but they obviously weren’t expecting to be put in the B championship themselves or they were asleep at the meeting as suggested above