Scottish Football


Glasgow Rangers fast becoming Liverpool’s B team.


Huge history between the clubs.


Jurgen to regret saying that…


Highlights are on the Europa League page in the foreign games section now.


Proper order


Gerrard allowing himself to be dragged down by the cheating b@stards he has joined.
Well, they do say if you sleep with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.


“Light Blues”?


I d say he has just realized the size of the club rangers are. Celtic and Rangers are huge clubs , big overseas fan base among the expat scots and Irish. Mo Johnston said he thought he was away from it when he joined Kansas City but in his first trip to the supermarket he got abused by a Celtic fan. If they were let in to the premiership after a few years and all the money top 4 the 2 of them.


Big club but not on the scale of Liverpool.


No they re not but outside of Liverpool and man utd the fan base world wide is huge certainly compared to all other English clubs.


Would you think they’re more popular worldwide than Arsenal or Chelsea?
I’d be surprised if they were


In recent years possibly not. African and Asian fan bases of English clubs probably tips the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal ahead. If the 2 of them were put in the prem within a decade with the type of cash they get they would leave most English clubs behind.


I suppose anyone in a bar around Croker yesterday BEFORE heading to see Dublin and Tyrone witnessed both sets of fans cheering on The Hoops.

Chris Sutton tweeted something yesterday after the Old Firm game to the effect of as good and all a job that Gerrard has done, qualifying for the Europa League, etc, but Rangers have had their worst start to a league season in 29 years!


I never fail to be sickened by pubs near Croker showing British soccer games, some of which aren’t even of any great significance relatively speaking, instead of the All Ire Minor Final. Lads cheering Glasgow Celtic as if their lives depended on it, what a waste of time and energy.


Think BBC alba is a channel on sky or Free view .
Worth a watch for Celtic fans , on tonight at 9pm


You can tune it in on the sky other channels service.


Yeah i think i have it programmed in.


This has upset a certain group of fans :joy:



These figures are to the end of June. I think a lot of Gerrard’s nett spend came after 30th June. Without regular Champions’ League football, these kind of losses are unsustainable.