Scottish Football


And more I’d say .It will take a Fergus McCann type to step in & shove a huge wedge of cash into the club to sort out that mess . The calibre of player at Rangers is pretty poor .At least their attendences are good , heard a few fans tried to storm the directors box after the debacle against Kilmarnock last night .


Don’t know if many Ressers follow Scottish football, but today’s game between Celtic & Rangers had Simunovic sent off for use of the elbow. Linesman called it. Ref agreed straight away.
Questionable enough call, but the fact the linesman is a Scottish Tory MP, can’t help but wonder if he should be running the line at Ibrox, especially when Celtic are playing there.


Missed it today because of the Dubs , a 3.2 win away is a good one in anybody’s book .Odd that about the linesman . Am I surprised , not one bit.


Odd indeed.

Imagine Danny Healy Rae doing the line when we play Kerry.


Sure half are rangers season ticket holders or members of a lodge . Rotton to the core for generations . 3 nicely taken goals .