Scottish Football


You see more shithousery in 1 game between any of the big 5 in Scotland than in an entire English premier league season. Madhouse.


And morales is a gobshite.


Gobshite indeed.


…and he has just signed a new contract at Rangers.



He’s still a ■■■■.


Aberdeen doing a job on Rangers atm.


11 Yellows in that game. 8 for the sheep and 3 for the Huns.


I’d actually forgotten who this was :joy:


A lot of money spent by Rangers with no trophy. Unless they overturn an eight point deficit to win the league and somehow qualify for the Champions’ League, they are going to be walking a very flimsy financial tightrope very, very soon.


95th minute :grin:


It hurts the Huns that little bit more if you wait until the 96th minute :laughing:


which one of you is it?


Somebody send Gazza down to sort it out .


Is it the Leicester City owner?