Scottish Football


Why did Lennon leave the last time?


BR has been accused of being a bit of a narcissist.

The tv documentary didn’t help things.

And he says char-ach-ter with that strong Antrim accent.

Can imagine him doing well in his first year…then a slow decline.

But for £5.5m a year…I’m sure he’ll get by.


It’s perfect for him . Knows he doesn’t have to win the league . Just stay up each year , maybe push for a Europa league spot .


Same reason as Rodgers apparently

“Lennon had grown disillusioned with the lack of challenge offered by Scottish football and is now of a mind to work in a fresh environment. There is also a belief within Lennon that he has taken Celtic as far as he can in their current form.”






Please post us the club honors of each club there good man.



Haven’t seen Newcastle in the top six for a while…



Looked like a nagon thrown at Sinclair when he was taking a corner .
Good to see Horgan getting game time at Hibs .


Forrest with a beauty !


Hibs have always had a dangerous mob of Hooligans.


What a goal from Brown.



Could be a plastic bottle of dettol. :thinking: :wink:



Jebus, Hibs really need to sort out their security.

Seeing a player getting a slap of a supporter is unbelievable.


What happened ?


Just at end of first half.
Tavernier about to take a throw,
Hibs fan runs down from stand, jumps over the barrier & tries to kick the ball away.
Him & Tavernier push & shove but then hands are raised. Cops arrive in nick of time.
Stewards very slow off the mark.