Scottish Football


If you look at the top sides in the EPL trying to get into the top 6…

How long they’ve been trying, the experience, the money invested, their infrastructure, facilities, coaching, the clever people in their boardrooms, the business plans, the fan base…you get an appreciation of how hard it is.

You think of the PL clubs that set out each year to finish in the top 6 and die trying.

I think Celtic and Rangers would really struggle.


Really disappointed in the manner of his departure to be honest, two days before a huge game away to the diets. Reports are that Leicester were willing to let him finish the season with Celtic, but I’d say he had a falling out with Lawwell and cut and ran straight away.
Anyway, a great win last night so Lenny should lead us to 8 in a row anyway, and we’ll see what happens manager-wise next season…
Brendan Rodgers here for tenth or below :wink:


It must be strange for the new Celtic players…or the ones who’ve just signed new contracts…to see BR go within 24 hrs.

I’m sure BR was a factor in Scott Brown staying.

Maybe if was Real Madrid or Barcelona that came calling, fans could understand.

But eloping to Leicester City?

It’s not so much he left…but more the suddenness to a mid-table side.


In fairness Leicester City have won the EPL a lot more recently than some ‘allegedly’ big clubs. Mind you I am still looking into how a few empty seats in a stadium apparently disqualifies you from being a ‘big club’.


It was a sporting miracle what Leicester did.

But lightning rarely strikes twice.

Blackburn won the title in ‘95 and were soon relegated.

I can see why BR went to L’pool or Celtic. And the thrill he got trying to win titles.

But I just can’t see BR winning with Leicester. I mean it’s like Jim G leaving Dublin to manage Cork. Somethings just don’t feel right.


It’s hard to quantify what a ‘big’ club is anymore. There’s plenty of what I would classify as big clubs with huge support and proud traditions all over Europe who have no chance of winning a Champions league because of the countries they play in.
The big money in the big leagues has taken from the glamour of European competitions in many ways. Teams like Ajax, Porto, Feyenord, Red Star Belgrade, Steau Bucharest, Celtic etc are all previous winners who can’t compete at the top level any more.
Yep,. Leicester have more resources at their disposal now because they’re in the EPL and had an amazing season a few years ago, but I’ll never ever consider them to be a great club like the above mentioned


Its hard to define what exactly defines a ‘big’ club.

But they’ve a few things in common…bags of money, star players, super stadiums, merchandise sales outside their own country, domestic success and in the CL.

My lad wears a Neymar PSG jersey. He wants the M’bappe one. He also had the Messi and Ronaldo tops. Ajax mean nothing to kids now.


Yep, I agree but some glory hunting kid doesn’t get to define what a ‘big’ club is either!
He probably has a dubs jersey too if he has any sense!
Tradition comes into it too. The above clubs arent big clubs any more due to the financial gulf, but they’ve a history and heritage the likes of Leicester could only dream of!


Big is a relic term now , rich club would be more apt . Any team can catapult with the right backers . Just look at Man C & PSG . Shaktor Donesk & the likes . History can’t be erased though , unless your The Rangers …


I agree. Sure PSG were only formed in 1970!

Or even look at how crap City were 10 years ago…or how average Chelsea were before Abramovich.

But it’s the cash - the ability to splash out on top managers, star players, build new stadiums etc.

The history and pedigree count for nothing unfortunately.

As my young lad and his expensive PSG top are evidence of.


As punishment I’ve got him supporting Liverpool as well.

Now see if he only has to wait a few years for success and I’ve waited for 30…


Ya kept that quiet :joy:


Yeah. got to be careful how you write things!

But if Liverpool don’t win this year…I’m giving up.

The bangers can’t bare much more.


It’d be some achievement for a club like Liverpool to win the EPL. Right up there with Leicester.


In fairness PSG are an amalgamation of 2 clubs . Their heritage is a bit older than 1970 but I know what you mean. Man city have a grand ol heritage too but it’s like this man city are a different club altogether. Me , I prefer Ajax , benfica etc


I thought you supported Liverpool?

They’d have built a statue of BR had he won the title.

I think he got carried away with trying to win in style.

As Mourinho said…he only needed a point.

Instead of trying to out-think a Mourinho team…he tried to outscore it. Bad mistake.


Am a Leeds man but will always back the smaller clubs.


Man City went from noisy neighbours…to sophisticates.

No fish suppers or crappy stadium anymore.

The players from the 90’s wouldn’t recognise the club as it today.

Not that I’m bitter or envious at their players’ wealth or anything.


Kind of why I don’t mind seeing the plucky Dubs winning once in a while.

It’s not right to deny the city people the odd win.


Dublin has a large county too! We all celebrate , together!