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They know all about him. Lots of uninformed folk here who havnt a boggle what was really going on in the background . He skipped out without even having a meeting with the players , sent someone else to represent him . The fans can feel rightly aggrieved because it was a pivotal week for the club. He also skipped out mid season when they were chasing a treble. Dembelle had made comments about Rodgers before he left the club and everybody blamed Dembelle for that. But what transpired this week gives credence to what Dembelle had originally claimed .
No issues with him wanting to move on , but the timing of it was shit and no one person is bigger than the club . And if reports are true that Leicester would have waited til the summer , it makes it even worse .


No matter whats going on in the background (??? surely he just upped and left a club???) how can that excuse this

I hope you die in your sleep, Brendan Rodgers
I hope you die in your sleep I pray
I hope you die in your sleep, Brendan Rodgers
From a bullet from the IRA

and TBH Celtic chasing a treble? I’m sure they’ll be grand, unless the plague breaks out in their canteen they’ll win the treble this year and for as many years as they like.


What sort of imbecilic ■■■■ thinks up something like that?


its professional football. the man won everything he could for them. he left in the same way every manager and player would. Celtic are not fighting relegation, they are out of europe and they will win the treble. he has done no harm, but its like he was screwed some peoples wives the way its going on.

I suppose we’re spared it for the most part in GAA, but I could imagine similar reactions if one of the Dublin players with Kerry parentage went down to play for them after winning a few all irelands with us. Would be able to warm your house by opening facebook.


If ya have to ask , you clearly don’t know all the details . As I stated , it was a very important week . Nothing is guaranteed when playing hearts & the lead could have been down to five points . Hugely destabilised the team by leaving them in limbo . It was lucky Lennon was available & even wanted the job . Duff appointed to first team coach , Kennedy picked the team last night .
It was a cluster ■■■■ .


A bullet from the IRA. Wankers.


AFAIK Leicester approached Celtic first, to express an interest. If Celtic had said, nope, then that was that. Surely this was all because they went out of Europe?

are you hinting that there was something going on that the public do not know about and this wasnt him just taking a new job?


There was no love lost between Rodgers & Lawell . And yes , there’s lot going on that the general public don’t know about . One example is the transfer of Dembelle . He was accused of been a rat for leaving but he threw out at a cryptic tweet at the time suggesting promises were broken between him & Rodgers . Nobody accepted it at the time because Rodgers was held in such high regard but details have leaked out about that. Also , if Brendan was the Celtic man he claimed to be , there’s no way he would have left in the manner he did . Just lies upon lies at this stage . That is why the fans are insenced about all this .

There’s no doubt he has taken Celtic as far as he could. But if Leicester said he could have come in the summer as suggested by reports , he could have stayed on til the summer , and nobody would have had an issue with it .

The league is wrapped up by no means . And it sent out a bad message that their manager would leave at such an important time of the season . Celtic want to secure the 10 in a row . Thats all the fans are concerned about .They do not want to give Rangers any edge and this was not a good look for that. So Rodgers is getting the ire because he potentially could have put that in jeopardy, and he still could.


Perspective… I accept that the SPL is a very very poor league but I also acknowledge that the EPL is the best…Best advertised, best commercial and essentially an international league based in England, and it is only about money.

The EPL has many many VERY VERY average teams who will NEVER win the league, teams like Burnley, Hudderesfield, Fulham, Cardiff, Crystal Palace, Brighton, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Wolves etc.

Where else in the World would a team such as Southampton be involved in a transfer in the region of £75 Million?


There is a story that Rodgers was possibly heading to China and tried to take Dembelle with him but it fell through.


The SPL is a one and a half horse race ffs


Write that again and insert the name of almost any EPL team. Newcastle is one of the best examples and are often described as a “BIG CLUB”.


How many Serie A titles and European/Champions’ League Cups have AC Milan won? They are currently paid around Eu20m per year by Puma for their kit deal. Man City have today announced a £65m per year kit deal with Puma from next season on.


Of the first 11 years of the EPL Man U won 8, Arsenal 2 and the mighty Blackburn 1.


In SERIOUS games Celtic have always more than held their own against the might of the English League despite the MASSIVE difference in budgets.

Is it true that the Team who win the English Championship get in the area of £100 Million?


34 years since someone other than Celtic or Rangers won the Scottish title. So you can cut out the sneery attitude


Still sore about that Nakamura goal :wink:




Rodgers is on £5.5m per year…or £16.5m over a 3yr contract.

That’s probably £15 more than if he stayed at Celtic. .

I don’t doubt BR when he said he grew up supporting Celtic as a kid. And it probably was a dream job to begin with.

But 99% of men would’ve done the same thing. As my old boss would say…there’s no prizes for being a hero.


This one…