Scottish Football


Should have stayed for the treble treble and then left just making a point there’s no loyalty in soccer.He came out with a load of crap on Sunday about speculation and how happy he was at Celtic.glasgow may be a kip but the women are fairly friendly


I actually think Glasgow, for all its faults, is a much better city than Edinburgh.


Agreed. It’s a real place, Edinburgh is very strange. Scotland is having hard times anyway so places like Glasgow City centre will visibly suffer whilst Edinburgh with all its old money, privelege, and heritage will look virtually the same


Rodgers would have know money would be tight with no champions league windfall this season.

I wouldnt blame him for wanting to go back to the PL but leaving with 3 months to go is poor.


He’s probably wondering why his counterpart at Ibrox was allowed spend far more than he was himself. Rangers won’t have any CL windfall either. I seriously think they (Rangers) are once again walking a financial tightrope.


Rodgers confirmed as Leicester boss


Sticking the boot in again



Duff named first team coach as well . Day just keeps getting weirder .


I bet he can’t wait for the BIG games on a Monday night down at a “Packed” ground in Bournemouth as the massive 12,000 fans make the Nou Camp look like a library.

The big ones at Burnley, Cardiff, Brighton, Fulham etc etc etc and all those World beaters will surely have him on heart tablets.


Last minute goals are just what the doctor ordered :sunglasses:


Like he’s never been away


I see Brendan has hit the BIG time, his new team are involved in what Sky are billing as a “SUPER SUNDAY” …Watford V Leicester


Great win for the Bhoys, the huns must be sick after the goal went in , in injury time , Hail Hail



Immortality :joy::joy:

Mediocre would be appointing Neil Lennon, he’s had a shocking record at his last two clubs.


Getting a 200m transfer budget apparently and playing in a far better league with far better players. No brainer of a move when you take emotion out of it.


Celtic fans with an overinflated sense of themselves? Surely not.


Steve Clarke would the obvious target for Celtic, in my opinion. I’d imagine Clarke will want a job in the EPL or English Championship, next, however.

Mediocrity (something Gerrard is struggling to achieve at Rangers) would be enough for Celtic to keep on winning the SPL. I think he will do okay.


is that actually about rogers? they got that produced quickly (or do they have it in storage for when all their managers move on?)

never a celt? do these asshats know anything about his childhood?