Scottish Football


fuckin brilliant





Top class!


He is one funny lad :rofl:

“If in doubt, cheat your way out…THAT’S THE RANGERS WAY”


Rodgers gone ?




Money? Why the fúck would you go there? They win something every 800 years.


I suppose Neil Lennon will be back in at Parkhead?


Yep that’s the rumour. Lennon until the end of the season


The Huns will go ape shit. They hate that “fenian B@stard” with a passion.


whats left to do in Scotland? Why wouldn’t he leave at this stage


Home Rule?


A major kick in the bollix for Celtic slippy g couldn’t help smiling in his interview


Opens the way for Clarke anyway at some stage , if he isn’t totally disillusioned with Scottish football/ way of life by the end of the season.


Could have left as an all time legend but money talks


Nah. Clarke will be back south first decent job offer I reckon


He’s only been there 2 and half years.

Scottish football is dirt and he gets tested a few times a year, he will be tested every week with Leicester with a decent squad and he was always going to go back to England at some stage.

I think the only people to blame here is the board!! They can refuse to let him go!! Watford did it.
Plus if they gave him more than €20 to spend on players it might have helped!! Celtic have been miserable with money over the last 10/15 yrs.

The money is bigger than ever, Park Head is rammed weekly and they’re happy with what they have.

And Glasgow is a kip.


He’ll go nowhere with Leicester . Cannot believe he thinks he could win Premier League with them . With the resurgence of MU, The money in City and Liverpool going strong he hasn’t a hope . All about the money , plain and simple. In relation to testing himself , he didn’t really acquit himself too well in Europe , but you’re right Glasgow is a kip though …