Scottish Football




Like Father like Hun…


I seen these penalty awards earlier :eyes: Wow , just wow . Rotten to the core .

Hope injury to Edouard isn’t too bad , won’t be surprised if it’s a metatarsal fracture …


dallas, a pox just like daddy


That’s positively Freudian.


Id forgotton about this walloper for a while . Since they went into liquidation, he became an irrelevance. Reappeared on my time line , obviously hinting the Aberdeen player who got cut in half by McGregor should have known better


I wonder if Rangers can say the same, given how much Stevie G has been spending?

Stevie G to take the reins at Chelsea next season with John Terry as his No 2. A “rumour” I had heard.




Because of the jammiest deflection from a shot that was going miles over?


Great teams create their own luck :rofl:

The Huns are throwing their TV’s out the window.


Cat piss poor teams too by the looks of it.


Rodgers the spoofer…




Jaysus, out of the fire, into the frying pan. Things must’ve been bad indeed


Having spoken to a lot of Police officers and Politicians in Scotland I am confident that their version of what is and is not sectarian is somewhat off the mark.

**I was doing research for a friend of mine for a book.


Is Steve Clarke a Catholic (not that it should matter)?