Scottish Football


What a farce but then again the Scottish FA were always pro Rangers. That said death threats against the referee are also unacceptable…



It was only last year you had the linesman, Douglas Ross, a Tory MP, screaming at the ref to issue a red to a Celtic player when they played Rangers.



I watched that earlier , i’ll always remember that pox dallas ref’n old firm matches, he’s gone down even lower on my estimation, what a shower of sectarian biggoted bastards overall. I didn’t realise the hold up with cadet sign’n till I watched it. a very good watch



Oh dear Christ no :see_no_evil:


I hope it is “Coach” … as in drives players to games!




Never heard this story before


Roy Keane is a twat.


Goram is a bigot of the highest order , a lot of Keanes actions i dont agree with , but on this one i would.


“Two Andy Gorams? There’s only two Andy Gorams. Two Andy Goooooorams…”


He’s a hero.

(It’s like 2002 all over again :grinning: )


That was probably my favourite chant of all time


Is this really happening :eyes:



Morelos - cheating b@stard.


Huns beaten 2-1 by Killie :rofl:


And a nice little win for the Bhoys