Scottish Football


Not denying that but some of the crap he has come out , including shafting his own players to shield his own mistakes leaves a lot to be desired .


Love is blind I suppose :grinning:


Whilst hes right in what he’s saying , they’re comments you keep in-house, blatantly showing disrespect might come back to bite him . Would he have said it, if for instance he happened to be Liverpool manager and secured a late winner versus Southampton or someone like that , I doubt it . He’s dissed Aberdeen too and they seem to thrive on it , good dressing room material he s supplying to more and more teams .


He has spent money the club don’t have, and signed 14 players. Of they don’t win the league they could be going into administration again.


Does he care?
I 100% agree with you, by the way.


The prospect of Gerrard winning the league with “them” is the stuff of nightmares …




Crazy game at Pittodrie . Big win none the less .


Aberdeen’s second penalty was a disgrace.


It was a shocker . Not surprised though by who gave it


Rangers got sucker-punched.


Hibs doing Celtic a favour today as well .
Even if they lose next Saturday they’ll stay top unless it’s a hammering .


All The Rangers atm.


That was coming , deflection off Brown too.


Celtic out fought and out thought today.


Brutal performance.


Awful standard from both teams, will Celtic absolutely clueless.


Watched about 20 mins and switched over to the darts…awful stuff.


Piss poor performance from the Bhoys today, missing Rogic, Griffiths and Tierney big time. Morelos could have been given at least two Red cards.


Morelos really is a nasty piece of work.
January transfer window will be interesting. Will Celtic boost their squad (which they financially) afford to? Will Rangers go into further debt and sign one or two more players?