Scottish Football


Shame , BT coverage was alot better


Call in the lawyers…Rotten and Broke. A horrible nasty mob.


Can’t see this ending well for them.


Hope it is nothing minor :grin:


That’s the final straw! It’s Hearts for me from now on.


Hearts…AKA “The Cousins of William” / “Huns without busfare” / “Wee Huns”

One of the worst set of bastards I have ever come across. A horrible nasty mob.


Is anyone really surprised? Sooner they rid football of this lot for good, the better.


That’s only the half of it . Phil Mac Giolla Bháins book Downfall is an eye opener.


A great book that tells not only how rotten things are with Rangers but how deeply corrupt some of the most senior people in Scottish football and society are. Phil know his stuff.


Great video here of the mini huns getting put back in their bosca



Big fan of Tom


Kilmarnock top of the league after Celtic & The Rangers drop points :upside_down_face:


Love it. Go on the Killies!! :astonished:


…Until Saturday!


Interesting remarks from Brendan Rogers as he’s taken Leigh Griffiths out of football for an indefinite period to work on personal issues . Good luck to him in recovery …


Leigh has had issues for a while, I hope he comes through it.


He’s some tulip


You lie down with dogs…you get fleas.


I think he’s doing a decent job up there -
hopefully he’s growing and learning, I’d love to see him back at Liverpool after Klopp.