RWC 2023 bidding



Interesting point by Liam Brady - Dublin GAA and Leinster rugby bringing through good young players while no good Dubs coming through in soccer.


Same here. Went into the garage for my coffee with my fly down two days running.


At least you had your trousers on, it’s a start.


Its a very valid point in fairness


… and John Delaney probably couldn’t care less.


Ah! FF a party well versed in the grimy underbelly of brown envelope negotiations. Should have had Bertie & Biffo leading the charge.


I do t buy that, i’m Sure soccer playing numbers underage have no changed that much. It’s just cyclical.


I’m all in favour of ditching rugby in Dublin.


You’d have to imagine Dublin’s success the last 7 years has had an impact on young kids deciding to play Gaelic football .And it’s a great thing as well because these young lads will be the next generation coming through .


Possibly but not as much of an effect as boots on the ground. Look at the growth in numbers playing hurling in Dublin in the last 15 years. Very little success to work off but coaches going to schools makes a huge difference.

Think the Irish media equate a successful team with too much effect other then a temporary bandwagon to follow it .


I wonder as well is there a psychological issue as well when it comes to Dublin hurling .An inferiority complex or something . That has to be overcome as well . Can’t underestimate the success Cuala had last year & hopefully this year too . Hopefully it will inspire young hurlers too .


lets focus on the football. that hurling game only complicates things.
we tried. now lets move on. 4 in a row.


They should be made to choose, football.