RWC 2023 bidding


Delighted SA didn’t get it. Absolute farce they came out on top of that recomendation table


Disgraceful decision. I take it that the IRFU didnt bring billy keane with them on the canvassing tour, as his article in the indo last week would surely have won it for us.

In case you missed it, to paraphrase " who the ■■■■ do you fancy dans think you are with your broadband, your seats and stadiums that exist. We’re going to have the craic, isn’t that all you want?"

I’m sure the planning process needed to upgrade the stadiums was a factor after the apple data debacle. " eh, lads, can you hold that thing in 2025, another appeals gone into the high court there"


Or saw our bid as something from father ted, which it was.

Only thing it lacked was gay Mitchell saying sure we can keep all the redeveloped stadiums for the olympics the next year.


Again to say, the Committee said all three countries were capable of hosting the finals …

The Scots vote was based solely on money … imagine … talk about living up to your stereotype.

Never had much time for the Welsh and they obviously don’t have much time for us.

You would have thought they might have supported the bid which would have worked out cheapest for their fans … as if …


How would Ireland be cheaper than France for Welsh fans? Good hotel accommodation for the euros last year in Paris, Lyon etc was available for less than you pay for grotty b&bs in Galway and Killarney during the summer.


I must be going to the wrong parts of France. Or maybe you are …


Ah I think we Irish can spot a bit of plamas can’t we? Sure we are capable in that Antarctica isn’t, but that’s where it ends.

It was a real kick though the way that the Italians and Welsh did us, but then again that seems to be the nature of how rugby has gone. Look at he steadfast refusal to change the six nations to help up and coming European countries. The Scottish stance and that world rugby wanted “at least” €120 million to develop the game ( where, given that attitude of the six nations?) says it all.

I can understand New Zealand feeling worried that they’ll never get it again as well, the criteria have changed a lot from 2011 to 2023. I’m surprised the likes of Italy didn’t go for it.

But the hubris is still there. The whole " it’s their loss" attitude from o Driscoll and co yesterday is actually part of the bids problem from day one.


When it breaks down to the fact that Welsh and Scottish votes would have given us 14 and eliminated Sth Africa and then if we got Australia and NZ we’d have had 20 it shows how it was really within touching distance.

But there is little doubt that the smaller countries can forget about ever hosting it again. Best we could hope for is a Scot/Wales/Ire co-host at some time in the distant future but I’d say there are long term wounds there now.


We’re the only Tier 1 team that has never gotten as far as a semi final.

As one journalist wrote on twitter last night … stop worrying about hosting a World Cup and instead let’s concentrate on actually winning one!


Someone said yesterday that it’s the 7th biggest global sporting event. I’m unsure on that but if world rugby thinks it is then it’s going to be very hard for us to get it. I agree on the Celtic proposal, if there is a chance and a sniff of the money all present unpleasantness will be swiftly forgotten.


Would say they are dying for the USA or China to bid for it .


US or Argentina will get it in 2027


I can’t see the US (as another Northern Hemisphere country) getting it. I’d say it’s between Argentina and Australia.


I head Bill Beaumont’s committee has recommended North Korea based on the size of the guarantee they might be willing to give…


US can offer plenty more $$$$$ than either of those.


Kicking off now… :smiley:


Would rugby be that popular in the US?

They can throw whatever money is needed at a soccer world cup or an Olympics but for such a minority sport?


An embarassing week all round really.


A great week for GAA


Paraic Duffy doesn’t agree …