RWC 2023 bidding


I see in the report they ranked the countries equally as safe as eachother. Despite France being in a state of emergency up until last week. There’s some independent ranking thing that has Ireland as the 10th safest country in the world. France 51st and SA as 123rd… crazy to say SA is as safe as Ireland when it plainly isn’t. There was also apparently another section of the report that was redacted which showed Ireland matched SAs tournament fee. They also seemed to totally ignore the videos sent to them of a completely finished Pair Ui Choimh… no you can say what you want about irelands bid, the whole report process clearly stinks. SA were always going to get it no matter what any other country did…


These kinds of bids for international competitions are very often corrupt as hell.


Good article from a Kiwi journalist. Says we were stitched up before a visit took place


The national governments have to guarantee the RWC their pound of flesh in advance therefore transferring all of the risk to the taxpayer, while RWC gets to run the competition at the public’s expense. That’s just fookin bonkers. For that reason alone I’m glad we didn’t get it. International sports events are a scam to transfer wealth from the people of a country to corporate bodies attached to elite sports, with little or no tangible benefit to the host country.

SA won because their government was prepared to write the biggest cheque to RWC and for no other apparent justifiable reason.

There is plenty of form here, Fifa going to Russia and Qatar. Olympics games to Rio. All of these decisions stank and this is just the ruggerists jumping aboard the gravy train. Despicable shitehawks.


Is it possible that they gave it to South Africa as rugby there is fcuked? I can see no other reason. In terms of security, South Africa is dangerous and France is very vulnerable to terrorism. We have a better spread of stadia to accommodate different sized crowds. Ireland is small and easy enough to get around, bearing in mind that rugby types will not be looking to use public transport! The main plus is that the WRU desperately want to market rugby to the U.S. and with 40 million Irish Americans, we are the ideal lever to make that happen.


America getting interested in rugby because of the Irish Americans’ interest in an Irish RWC is nonsense. Most Irish people aren’t too interested in Rugby, never mind Irish Americans. Hurling and/or Gaelic football would have taken off there years ago if that’s how these things worked. I think, deep down, even the IRFU know it was nonsense and I suspect World Rugby saw it for the fairy story it was.

Rugby in SA is in a bad place though and I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought the RWC would give a much needed shot in the arm to one of the games former super powers. The large cheque can’t have hurt their chances either.


Also if you are a world rugby blazer dinner in Cape Town probably more appealing than in rainy ballsbridge. Being slightly facetious there but those who decide these things never worry about the fans and things like safety or distance between venues. The suits are well looked after for travel and hotels etc


Rugby in SA is fine, their national team and clubs struggle because of the number of players playing outside the country (300 someone said recently), so they’re being asset stripped and have players playing for us, scotland etc. which is a bloody joke.

See Neil francis was on TV the other night saying Ski playing for us is a joke and he is getting lambasted on twitter & the journal being called a dinosaur. The idea that someone is irish after living here 3 years (may never have come here except they were hired to play rugby here) is a effing farce, nationality is not swappable. Either you or irish or you are a kiwi.


National team is being forced to select black players due to the quota system. It’s having a detrimental effect on them. It’s not just money that’s making the white/Afrikaaner players go to Europe. Players should be getting picked on merit. If players are being left out because they are black then you try and do something about it not just force teams to pick black players. Clubs and the national team shouldn’t be forced to meet a quota.


Good point, but th cash rich European league don’t help.


Wow France got the 2023 RWC !!

We only got 8 votes. Guess people don’t love us as much as we’d like to think …


And, of Ireland’s 8 votes, only two were transferred to Sth Africa, France got the rest.


So most likely our Celtic cousins effed us over.


I actually reckon Scotland and Wales would have voted for Ireland, which would account for 6 votes.


Not according to thornley. Reckoned we had us Canada and England sown up. Scotland were defo supporting France and Wales were 50 50


Sure, what would he know? :wink:


Well England, Scotland and Wales have 3 each so we didn’t even get all of those … :roll_eyes: Anyone know it the votes are made public?

The technical assessment was bad enough but picking up just 8 votes is pretty damning. The auld video wasn’t up to much … nor the soccer one yesterday come to think of it.

We may re-name the All Irelands the World Series - it may be the only way we’ll get to host anything such like …


When it comes to stadia we really are not able to compete. Really needed another 50k all seater outside of Dublin. Maybe 2


Voting weights
Australia 3 votes
England 3 votes
New Zealand 3 votes
Scotland 3 votes
Wales 3 votes
Italy 3 votes
Argentina 3 votes
Japan 2 votes
Canada 1 vote
Georgia 1 vote
Romania 1 vote
USA 1 vote
Asia Rugby 2 votes
Oceania Rugby 2 votes
Rugby Africa 2 votes
Rugby Americas North 2 votes
Rugby Europe 2 votes
Sudamerica Rugby 2 votes

Seems we got shafted even worse than the now annual Eurovision filleting … :open_mouth:


And with got 8 out of that ? Jesus , looks like alot of countries don’t have alot of time for us .