Ah thought Hopper might know about it as he lives in flourbag land:)


No I haven’t but I’m only running about 7 months, there are lots of local runs


Ok cheers, not bad only running 7 months and a marathon under your belt


Few months ago a few on here were just finished their training plan and ready to take on the Dublin Marathon, at the same time I was starting out on a plan for the Barcelona Marathon and now am heading into the final week, so all the hard work is done. I have followed to a tee a plan given to me by a fellow resser, of course that doesn’t guarantee anything, but at least you go in confident you have prepared well. As regards the plan it was good in so far as there was a lot of variety, hill runs, short fast reps, longer reps at fast enough pace and a few sprints and of course the long runs, longest being 3 hours.
The main aim is to finish in semi decent shape after that I would like to break 4hrs, think it is touch and go, but you never know what those last 12 kms have in store for you, I was going well last year up to 30 and then started getting cramp in the calf muscles and too 1hr 20 to do the last 12, finishing at 4,21., so clearly I fear the cramps again this year and have been looking up ways to avoid them, but there does not really seem to be any sure answer, water, powerade etc…, hopefully the work done and a slightly slower first half than last year might help.


Starting slow is the key. Did my first negative split in Dublin last year and it boiled down to the first 10k intentionally being my slowest and gradually picking it up from there.

Best of luck, hope it goes well


Great stuff, great to hear. Have been injured with crappy things all year so missed my usual year starter race today and am cancelling/ deferring everything up till may inclusing marathon in Limerick. Hope Barcelona is a blast.


No doubt at our level best solution to injury is stop, hard to do but worth it


Thats the plan,


Bronze medal for Ireland’s Mark English in the European indoors 800m. :ireland::ireland:


Great result.


Knock it dead good sir. Leave nothing in the tank and bring home a PB. And above all else enjoy it as you have spend a long time preparing for it .


Well the marathon done and dusted, managed to finish safe and sound which was the main aim, but miles outside the time I was chasing , finished at 4.37, I started getting cramps in the claves at 23k which meant I was stopping and starting from there on, don’t know why I cramped so early as I am well used to running that distance at a much faster pace, as usual you try to think what it could be, I changed shoes about 2 months ago and have a feel that that may have something to do with it, but who knows.
Anyway really enjoyed the day, the other lad that was running with me did manage to get his target time and we had both being following the same training plan so the plan worked out, Have never run any other Marathon, but would defo recommend the Barcelona one , great atmosphere.


Fair play, big man.


i have a suspicion that has happened to me with my current run of calf problems.

thats a great result, was it warm? there seemed to be a lot of irish lads in barcelona.


Does anyone have a suggestion of a half marathon to combine with a european city break. Would be good for late May or mid June.


Well done P


There were 198 Irish in it, even saw a lad running in a dubs jersey:). It was about 20º for the second half.


I’m trying to get back at it, finding it tough did my 1st 20+ since the marathon today and in bits. I can’t believe I’m signed up again for it😪


Rock and role in Liverpool might be around then, a few people I know did it last year.


Thinking about having another go too, just want to finish one without having to stop due to cramp, if it’s because I am f…ked, well so be it, but the cramping is very frustrating as you feel fine. Did a 5k yesterday and got 3rd in the over 50s :joy: All the fast local auld lads were in another race :laughing: