Might not be for the first hour or two, you would be surprised how many people take part having done f…al training. Basicly cos they think 5 miles an hour is nothing, but the problem is 5hrs on the move, not the speed.


Great day I loved it up to 22miles. I must have got my gell management wrong and my stomach went. Got in in 3.59.34 so delighted to beat the 4 hours. Fair play to everyone who did it, it’s an emotional and physical rollercoaster.


You should have called me!


Well done, hope to get under 4 in Barcelona in March, I will be pushed.


The marathon is always something I’d love to accomplish. I’m not built for running as they say, although I tried to train for it a couple of years back, furthest I got was 22k. I felt like I was going to pass out, I went into the local garage and milt two mars bars and told yer woman I’d drop the money back, which I did, but it just shows how depleted my sugar levels were. Got a bit of a fright to be honest and didn’t pursue it.

I learnt afterwards about the importance of having energy sources on you while running that sort of distance and the like so would prepare better next time. I’m wondering how long in advance would I need to start training for it? I know it’d depend on fitness levels but i reckon I’d prob do 10k max at the min, so would it be a long process training for the rest of the distance?


Dont know but I would suggest doing a few half marathons first.


I trained for less then 5 months, only agreed to do it 12 weeks out. I was in cast for 6 months until February so fitness was way down. I don’t believe it takes years to train for it, probably 9 to 10 months if you do it right and stay focused.


I’ve only done the one marathon, Dublin in 2009, and while I did train quite a bit for it, it wasn’t anything crazy. I was still playing GAA at the time, so for the first couple of months, 2 nights GAA training plus a run at the weekend did me fine. Stepped it up around mid August, and was running maybe 4 times a week. Never ran 2 days in a row and only did my long run (20 plus miles) the weekend before the race. Far from ideal I know, but I got around sub 4 hours, so was delighted with that.
Never caught the marathon bug afterwards, and have only done 1 half since then.


Think it depends on what condition you are in before you start preparing for it, if you are in decent shape, all you really have to do is make time to get in a long runs at the weekend or whatever, most of the training plans assume that you are well up to running at least 10K reasonably comfortably.


4.24.32 - which is a PB.

quads held up.

hamstrings didnt.

was doing 9 min miles up till mile 20, then left hammer went. right went on 22, got some physio and hit the road again, last two miles also at about 9 min recon i dropped a net 15 mins because of the pulls.

so, happy out.

already booked for next year as they’ve sold 7000 in a few days and was worried.


Well done boss, last few KMs sound rough. Yep mad how fast it sells out, Barcelona is still only at about 6,000, Dublin had over that the first day.


Did the local half marathon today, wanted to break 1.50, but did 1.50.48, happy enough as I felt ok , now straight into training for the Barcelona Marathon.


Well done, that should have you set for your sub 4 in the big one!!


Same question as many before…anyone have a good training plan. Aiming for Dublin 2019…a one in a row hopefully


I did a half yesterday my body gave up on me after 8 miles. After doing a marathon you would expect these to be easy :sleepy:


I used map my run, i got a free upgrade that calculated a plan. This worked for me as it changed every week and updated dynamically changed after fitness tests. It might be worth the few euro if your starting now


Takes longer than you think to get over a marathon


for sure, my half yesterday was 5min slower then the 2nd half of my marathon.


Have you ever heard of the Tirmoghan Staplestown half Marathon, have a mate that wants to do one at the end of January, not much info on it, seems like a small event but yet they have a full marathon, a 20 mile event and a half marathon all on a 5 mile loop.


News to me but I have done looped half’s and I am not mad about them