Pretty sure they let you switch downwards, as in you can move backwards but don’t think they ‘officially’ let you move up a wave.

There are thousands of people queuing up, I’m sure if you popped yourself in to the middle of a wave you would get away with it. Just don’t burn yourself out going off too fast over the first few miles.


This is how I read your reply just now. My mistake, but that would be a sure fire way of moving up the waves without being stopped! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


It’ll happen to someone on the day no doubt and if it happened to you at the very start you’d have a clear path in front and behind you no doubt! :grinning:


Has anyone ever picked up an entry for someone else, do they make a big issue of this?


Id advise bringing a copy of the other persons I. D.,obviously your own I. D., keep the phone on! Depends on staff member you get aswell


Have done it before, as long as you have the entry for the other person and some id from them with a letter giving you permission you’ll be ok


Best of luck to all runners on Sunday …

Small tip that might help. If you put a bar of soap in your bed it helps get rid / avoid muscle aches and cramps. It works as soap contains sodium chloride and during sleep it gets absorbed through the skin from the soap.
Compression socks also a great benefit


I think yis are all fcuking mad tbh but very best of luck. A huge of amount of money is raised for charities and that can only be good. The nearest I’ll ever get to a marathon is a Snickers!


Yep, best of luck to everyone togging out on Sunday.

Another good tip is beetroot juice, I’ll let you google the science bit but it definitely works, even though it literally tastes muck .


Best of luck and keep to your plans.


Best of luck all, pints in me in tonners after.


Best of luck to the running ressers!


Well how did it go, decent conditions.


Great conditions, a bit cold to start but not a puff of wind. Great crowds along the course as ever.


Well done to all.Running first half too fast and had walk last 10 miles. 2 calves and groin went into spasm and couldn’t run after that.


Marathon is all about pacing yourself over the whole distance. Always a good idea to take it easy early during the early stages and then push on if you feel good towards the finish. I was up in the park having a goo a the runners this morning, fab atmosphere!!! How some run in the costumes is beyond me. Saw one guy with a huge rubics cube over his head. Also, saw another guy running backwards, don’t know if he did the whole marathon like this but some feat if he did. Ideal conditions, if a little cool early on. Congrats to all participants and enjoy the celebrations tonight. Beware of the first few steps to the loo in the morning!!! Beir bua.


Always a danger, I remember thinking in Barcelona about how I was going to sprint the 200m when I was at tge 15k mark, jaysus I wasnt thinking about that at 30k. Important thing is to try and finish in as good a state as possible.


Blood tests on men over 40 years of age that have just completed a marathon in under 5 hours, show the same markers in enzymes as a man who has just suffered a heart attack. Just saying…


The problem with the Marathon is many reckon doing it in 5 hours must be easy but if you are pushing yourself to the limit for 5 hours it is a long time. I reckon there should be a requirenent for a medical cert to register, it is no gaurantee of anything but at least it might stop people that simply have not prepared from taking part, too many people do them with any serious training. Might also be an idea to require that participants have done a few half marathons


5 miles per hour would hardly be pushing yourself to the limit?? :thinking: