I last did exercise about 30 years ago. Knees are grand.


Feeling like joining you!

Think it’s the shambles of a road between rathdowney and erril. Bad camber into the right and the surface is very uneven, causing a jarring impact.


How long did it take you to do 20 miles?


3.22 was aiming for ten min miles averaged actually 10.07 but there are some long hilly bits and I go over two very tough railway bridges twice.
Aiming for 9.07 pace on the day so knee aside all was as per the programme.

22 next week then tapering down.


That good going. Done 20 miles yesterday in 2:52 but that was on flat ground. Have been a lot of running around Tallaght,Brittas, Saggart and Rathcoole up and down hills to build up the legs. Haven’t done a marathon before so a bit nervous about doing it.


If you can do 18 you can do 26 you’ll have the legs just keep an eye on the pace.

Am hoping to beat 4 hours but am worried the pacers may do the first half faster than second half as the first half is the hardest and that could blow me up.


Dont worry about the time on the long runs, dont go anywhere near you goal pace, I made that mistake in Barcelona last year, did 32kms in 3hrs a few weeks before and felt great, on Race day I was f…ked at 30km, hadnt recovered from the 32kms


Im the same I did 30K the weekend in under 3 hours very steady, but the week before I blew up in the half marathon after doing the 1st half too fast. On a side night I saw the old Resser Dub on Holiday flying along


23 mile run this morning. Ran up and down a few hills in Rathcoole, Saggart and Brittas. A bit longer time than last week but happy with run out. What mileage should I do for next couple weeks before marathon?


With 3 weeks to go you won’t be doing anymore runs that length. Later I’ll try put up a screan shot of my programs for the last 3 week’s, I got it from map my run I’m using the pay version.


22 for me tomorrow and then tapering down.

Had physio for that knee thing - ropey quads. Painful session with him but should be grand now it’s getting treated.


Let the taper start now so.

Reduce the mid week miles a bit each week from here. My plan had me doing 21 today, 16 next weekend and 12 the following week.


3 weeks to go to the marathon, you’re focus should now be on just ticking over, staying injury and sickness free. 23 miles is a huge run, you’re body will need time to recover from that.

20 miles (twice) was the longest distance I covered before I ran the marathon.


23 is further I’ve run. Wasnt too bad after it. Done 20 mile week before and 16 mile another week. What distance should I about next weekend? I usually do 7k runs on lunch break 3/4 times during the week and long run at weekend.


22 yesterday, the last mile was painful. According to the schedule it’s 15/16 miles next week. It should be around ten following Sunday.


I just went back to see if I could dig out my training plan … I used something very similar to this. I edited the Hal Hidgon training plan but this is a snapshot from the original I think:

These plans are tried and tested scientifically so they do work. Keep doing what you’re doing but just maybe bring your long runs way down to allow the body recover… Trust the body anyway, if the legs feel sore and tired don’t go loading up the miles now cause you’ll likely cause an injury…


be very careful of junk miles. running for sake of running with no set purpose when training for a target race can be a negative. You want to arrive fresh and ready not dead and carrying a strain


Looks like you all have done the hard work:grinning:, if it is a first Marathon, don’t worry about the time, I know we all set goals and it is probably a good idea to have one, but the main one should always be to finish safe and well… I set 4 hrs as a target in Barcelona last year, at about 27 KM I felt if I continued to go for it I was at risk of not finishing, I am happy that I took the right decision to slow down and stretch every now and again and I eventually did 4.21 and felt reasonably ok at the finish line and not making the 4hrs was of little importance at the end of the day,
Will go for the 4hr mark again next March and see how it goes.


Most people would not run the full distance of a marathon in the build up to a marathon, but what about a half marathon? I am following a training plan for a Half on november 18th and in the plan they suggest I do a half marathon next week about 4 mins above my target time for the race on the 18th. I thought the most you would do would be about 18km before doing a half marathon.


20 mile run done this morning. That will be last major run now til marathon