What about running gear , any advice ???


You cant go wrong with Spandex


Yes, I’d definitely wear some! #nakedrunning!


I always buy the socks in Lidl, buy a few pairs when they are available, great job.


The Dunnes blue running socks are fine too. Also sports direct have loads of karrimore stuff which is good and not dear.


If you’re going to increase your distance it’s definitely worth getting a decent pair of running shoes. I used to suffer sore knees anytime I went over 10k, but got my cadence checked and got the appropriate shoes and haven’t looked back since.

I got mine done in Amphibian King, but most Elverys shops do it as well.


Got mine done in Elverys, turns out I have been wearing the wrong shoes for years. I just got a new pair a few months ago so I will stick with them for while and next time get the right ones😯


Anyone got a good training plan for a sub 4 hr marathon?


That worked surprisingly well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi I have one that I can send you but its in pdf format . It perfect for looking for sub 4


First long run in a while yesterday 16 miles. Wasn’t tired getting home but was absolutely walloped for hours after, not a chance of eating of anything, then very bad sleep because of sore legs. An only assume that getting back on the horse was the cause, have 18 miles this coming Sunday…


So you were putting the right on your left foot and the left on your right foot for years??


Some run in Berlin by Eliud Kipchoge this morning , 2hr,1min 39 secs, 1 minute 18 off the old world record


jaysis you mightn’t drive it that quick across Dublin


I heard the other day… it’s the equivalent of running 100m almost exactly 422 times, one straight into the other, without stopping, each taking on average 17.3 seconds.
I don’t think I could run 1 x 100m in 17.3 seconds!


Did my first 10k in a long time this morning. delira with that.

I just noticed this is categorised in foreign games :joy:


You’re in Cork. That’s foreign enough.


Well done boss, was it a race or just a run. That being said my races are just runs😁.


Just a potter around really, been struggling to get to 10k for ages.


Just back from twenty mile run almost there for Dublin marathon
Big problem is my knee is absolutely killing me. Proper hair clentching pain!!
Apart from that it was all good.