Rule changes


The news first broke about the new rules to the public on October 2nd. Surely the GPA would have known this was being discussed beforehand. Massive own goal by Paul Flynn and Co by waiting till they rules were released, then voted on, then massive outcry from players…then Flynner steps in.

He was either told say nothing for now (back in Sept/Oct) or was purposelessly kept in the dark or had his eye way off the ball. Missed opportunity for GPA.

Kinda like managers etc during the championship giving out they have to play matches close together due to draw etc. These fixtures are all laid out months beforehand in a masterplan.

Whilst I personally standby the rule changes are crap to be honest, the GPA have scored a huge own goal, especially if some of these rules come in full time.


The CPA are ignoring it altogether. This shite is going to be imposed on the club game as well, in an area where the problems that they are looking to remedy doesn’t exist.


Can’t agree with that at all. They did not - nor should they adjoin themselves to the process. If you are on board then you cannot really kick up after it. Nor should they have commented until the process was complete - which is now. It is not like they can’t do anything about the rules - they most certainly can. So now is their time - hence the meeting. Let’s see what happens from here.


I can see your point but when almost 100% of their members say no to the changes I am presuming they weren’t consulted, hence the backlash. Then to me, it looks as if they have been kept int he dark.
Furthermore GPA are funded by GAA now, where previously they weren’t so it could, and I STRESS COULD, be a case of do what your told for now.

Widespread changes of rules that affect firstly inter-county players and you say they should adjoin themselves to the process. I dont think thats wise for GPA.


Hopefully when the rules are trialled they will be seen for the dog’s dinner which they are and will be quietly dropped. indeed a good way of players showing their opposition would be to demonstrate exactly how absurd the consequences of the new rules will be.

The designers of the rules are hoping that some mythical past of Micko jumping 20 feet into the air to kick points with either foot over his shoulder from 80 yards while the Lucey Brothers did not dig the snot off anyone who tried to interfere with him, will be restored and the nasty jackeens will go back to playing kick the can and not be ruining the games of the Gael.


I said they did not nor shouldn’t adjoin themselves to the process. It suits them now. They can turn around and say ‘sure we weren’t asked about this at all and we are the players’ which makes the process a bit farcical. I’m not sure I’d use backlash - more the players saying ‘whats all this?’. Funding or not - the players will not be told what to do.


I’m all for a hand-pass rule but to limit it to 3 is ridiculous. The fact its being trialed in the league kind of shows what the gaa thinks of that competition.


@dub09 yea it was a typo on my behalf, I still think they should adjoin themselves.


its a simple game been made complicated by too many unnecessary changes. Even goin back to the black card that’s still a joke cause some ref’s simply use it when it suits, another load of bollix. I think that blanket defence also has played its part with these new rules. Dublin work out how to beat the blanket and that’s it change the fuckin rules. LEAVE the game alone you’s are ruinin it


The attacking mark is a recipe for disaster and serves no known purpose. It’ll be like one of those static table football games you played as a kid. Well I did in anyways. What’s it about anyway?? Giving a guy who can perform one of the game’s absolute basics a prize? And this won’t be high fielding either. Teams will ping balls 20.1 metres and it will be like American Football. 1st Down at the 20 metre line!! And looking at the game and the players of today it is very much going to favour one team … and they wear Sky Blue.

But the poor ould ref has to judge whether it travelled 20 metres. Whether it was kicked from outside the 45. All this after he has counted three handpasses, stuck a fella in the bin and made sure a sideline went forward …


The attacking mark will be one of the more farcical of what is an absolute farce by the GAA. You can kick a 20m Pass into a guys chest and hey presto you have a free in! And that’s before you get the just hoof it up in the air and hope you’re big lanky lad up front can get his hands on it. And hey presto to hell with rewarding / promoting skillful football or team play, you get a free for the big lanky lad catching the ball. Wonder is this behind Tommy Walsh’s resurrection with Kerry??

Talk today that these may not after all be introduced in the league. Don’t know how true that is? The GAA is making an utter horlix of this. Typical reactionary dumb assed nonsense from those involved at CCC level or whatever committee approved this nonsense. The review committee that came up with these rule changes have zero credibility also. The fact that the GAA accepted this nonsense and then decided to trial in the league beggars belief. They’re making the fai look capable and professional. And that takes some doing.


Paul Mannion made similar point in regard to the league. If changes are not kept for SFC then what way are teams supposed to prepare for it?

It also as others have said, displays complete contempt for the league not to mention the club competitions as whatever about games where you have at least three competent officials (I know… bear with me!) how in the name of jaysus is some lad reffing Junior C supposed to be able to oversee all this nonsense? Never mind the players understanding it.

only way I can see around this is if county conventions reflect the views of players and bring this to Congress to have it thrown out. One of reasons any attempts to meddle with hurling rules have been thwarted is that likes of Cody would throw a conniption.


If counties believe this will stop the Dubs they’ll go with it …


its the greatest load of bollix in years and should be rejected by everyone, I think even billy the goat padden said as much on off the wall I heard, and that lad knows his football , leave it be


When Gavin, Darcy and Sherlock set out their game plan for the year ahead to develop and tweak on certain systems of play that will make us a better team for the championship, I’m pretty sure they and the players will be largely neglecting these trial rules for next year anyway. The league will suffer.


No to mention the four steps, two hops, five seconds advantage, a couple of overlapping ten minutes in the sin bin, added time and six subs each. The poor refs will end up completely brain dead.


Will Dermo be back?! Never seen a man ping a ball into a players chest better. Could be our quarter back.


I would say no at this stage.


My thoughts exactly


I wouldn’t necessarily rule out the rule changes as rubbish, they could be benifical. I also think the fact that the players aren’t being overly consulted is maybe a good thing. They are the ones most invested in the current rules, but the game has to think of the future too.

But I think other changes would have been better. They have looked at the symptoms and not the disease.

The hand pass and sideline rule were bought in to promote attacking play. But the main thing that stops attacking play is packed defenses. That is what they should have looked at.

As for the mark - that is principally there to stop guys being pulled and dragged when they win a good ball. But the key thing there to fix was the pulling and dragging. The tackle has to be defined, it just has to be!

People will tell you that the tackle is defined in the rules, and they are right. But these rules are ignored. Probably 90% of tackles are illegal. It’s not about consistency, you can’t consistently not apply the rules, that’s a nonsense.

Every arm tug, slap on a guys arms or shoulders, pushing a guy or man handling him in any way is against the rules. That is why we need a mark, if a small skilful guy has the ball and he gets tackled by a big guy, the small guy has no opportunity to use his skill to get out of it. One of the main reasons guys are built up now is to break the tackle (or to apply the tackle). But both of these should not be needed as the tackle shouldn’t be allowed physically restrain the player in possession. The whole idea behind the four steps rule is to make the ball available for tackling, but hardly anyone tackles the ball in this situation. So the whole premise on which guys prepare for the game now is based on an illegal application of the rules.

Basically the whole of the GAA is involved in a mass self delusion that the rules are being applied when the patently aren’t. Part of this is to keep the game ‘manly’. That is rubbish as there is nothing brave about pulling and dragging. There is a whole lot brave about going down on an guys foot when he is playing the ball. But we rarely see it.

Football is a terribly flawed game because no one will take on the tackle. If they did, skilful players would flourish, fouls would lessen and become much less subjective and the game would flow more. Yes, the big arsed corner back would have problems, but he would adapt.

You hear how hurling is let flow (i.e the rules aren’t applied), but that’s not actually true. What has made hurling flow is that about 10 years ago they started enforcing rules and guys learned what they had to do and the game started to naturally flow. The notion that games flow by not enforcing rules is exactly the same as saying that the traffic would flow if traffic rules weren’t enforced.