Rule changes


I was wondering that too. Bananas.


Sure it’s all made up… Fenway Classic, Wild Geese games were held in “closed” inter county season…


There are literally thousands of GAA members whose first response to a new rule is to figure out a way to both break it and get away with it. And often the GAA themselves help the process along. It’s quite remarkable really.


That rule changed some years ago. Nowadays counties resume training / playing at different times from mid November onwards based on when they concluded their interest in the All Ireland Inter county championship.


Yep based on when they exit the championship. Kildare are eligible to begin training on the 8th of December - the day of their first O’Byrne game. Of course they won’t have trained before that.

(Didn’t realise it was pushed back).


That game has been put back because of their resumption date.


The plot thickens…

There’ll be a review meeting before the League to discuss the new rules.


Rules out for Summer …


That makes sense. At least it looks at root causes not just symptoms.


Do we accept that football has a problem?


I think so. But I think the biggest issue is that the tackle is a mess.


I give up on some of these rule changes.

While the GAA piss about on 3 hand passes…they ignore the much bigger issue of violence in the game.

The free-for-alls this year and last, went largely unpunished. The only county that comes out with any credit is Down who banned Ballyholland and D’Patrick from their c’ship next year.

The rest of the counties scratched their arses and did nothing. Including Tyrone, Derry and Kerry.

Was reading a good interview with Enda McGinley (former Tyrone player) who works as a Clinical Specialist in C’avon hospital. He was also a part of the GAA’s Medical & Welfare Committee.

“Nowadays, with boys having eight, nine or 10 years of strength training behind themselves, the power in those punches is much greater than before if they are being thrown with intent. And the one area that never gets any stronger is your face and bones, your skull and brains.

“A weight-programme has no impact on those structures and yet you are hitting them with greater force than ever before”.

Tomas O’Se made the same point after Mayo players got involved in a melee in their league game last year.

Why don’t the GAA simply state that any sides involved in a scrap (T O’Se suggested 12 players or more)…get collectively punished.

I’ve come to the depressing conclusion that even if that rule was introduced…the County Boards would be the first to exploit any legal loop hole. Including the Tyrone CB.


The tackle has been a mess forever. I don’t see a problem myself. Bad coaches, Dublin dominance. That’s all.



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Ps would this be a good time to advertise a must-have gift for every little gaa kid in Dublin??

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Anyone who has ever watched rugby league will have noticed that the three hand pass rule will lead to a similar situation of unsightly rucks every 10/15 metres.

Widnes might break Dublin’s dominance :slight_smile:


There is a possible unintended consequence of these rule changes (well there are many of them actually), but it seems a workable plan to for a team to keep every player behind the ball, then when they have the turnover, pass it out to the half way line and then kick for ‘touch’ as far down as they can. With the ball having to be kicked forward from the sideline, they can flood the area and will probably win the ball back as they have an extra man. So the result will be that they will have the ball on their own 45 without having to keep even one forward up when they are defending.

At the least, a kick over the line is now a decent option if a player has limited options.


Apparently one of the coaches involved in the trial games brought this up. He felt you will start to see teams kicking to touch as in rugby.