Rule changes


I agree that these rules looked dodge from the start and plenty of people pointed the problems out from the get go. But it takes things to a whole new level of incompetence when you trial your rules, get negative results and instead of scraping the rules or at least carrying out more trials at the same level you look to have them implemented at a higher level. It makes no logical sense.

I’m guessing that the only reason these changes are still being pushed is either because the committee went public with the changes too early and are afraid to lose face by backing down or because the changes are purely due to ideological beliefs and no evidence or logic will change the committee’s mind. Either way they should be rejected.


Pity there is no independent refs body to speak out.


I wish they would just leave the game alone. Mickey Mouse rule changes for what? To enhance the game? Hardly. It irritates me.


Not that I agree with the rule.
But implementing it should be fine. Similar principal to hurling refs having to count how many times a player takes the ball into their hand.
Don’t remember there being too many controversial wrong calls on that in the past… but open to correction there.


Or hopping the ball twice in a row. It’s usuallu caught, unless it is Kevin Mc!


I assume originally these rules were a package. The rule allowing only 3 hand passes sort of made sense if a team won a kickout and attacked against only 6 defenders. But once they scrapped the need for players to be in position at kickouts it changed everything. Now, teams defending the kickout will just flood the area with players and it will be a mess. As everyone is saying, it is all just playing into the hands of defensive teams. The key to the whole thing seems to be to get rid of the hand passing across the field, whereas the core issue is the packed defense. This is what is creating the cross the field scenario.

I don’t think the rules are anti Dublin particularly. But I think the success of the new rules will be judged on if Dublin win the league or not. If they don’t, they will probably be adopted permanently.

With Cluxton, he is probably the best long kicker as well as short kicker, so he will still be better then others. But it is going to take a lot of the responsibility away from the keeper. In a congested area, probably the best he can do is a 50/50 ball. But for Comerford it’s not good. He hasn’t the power yet of Cluxton and he has spent his entire career learning to play the game as it is now played. Suddenly he has been told he has to play it differently. He won’t be alone in this, but I suspect not many have spent so much time mastering the short, but difficult kickout. Now, he can’t use it.

I think there is a need for rule changes. But they need to be based on the amount of people allowed in each half. Scoring against 14 defensive players is nearly impossible. With the hand pass rule changed, the only weapon against it is now gone. If they could find a way to limit the amount of players a team can bring into defense it would change everything. But they have gone after the symptoms, not the disease.


Agree wifi, they have come at it the wrong way around.


So the kickout no longer needs to reach the 45, but will be taken from the 20.

Still think it is a mistake to introduce these rules in the league considering the negative reports of how they have preformed in the trial games. At least there should have been more trials at lower levels.


Seems to me nobody wants the bloody things


So they studied it for weeks, played trial games, discussed it at length - and now they introduce a kick out rule that someone thought of on the day.


Will ruin the club game


I’ve no time for these rule changes at all . No interest in the league next year and I’d imagine our players won’t either . What’s the point on adapting to those rules when the championship bid for five in a row won’t use any of them.,


Maybe the whole point is to disrupt our bid for 5 in a row …


It’s absolutely off the wall to not allow them be used in the championship if somehow they prove acceptable after the league.


They won’t be used in next years championship .


It raises a quandary for those teams who have to play championship early in May. During the league do you train and plan tactics using the experimental rules or the standard ones? With the April club break there will be little to no time for teams to switch between systems, so do you sacrifice league form to help prepare for championship or vice versa?


Would say they are terrified in the lead up to winning score in all ireland final of ref missing 4 hand passes in a row.!! I mean do these gobshites not read the report when the 3 handpass rule was trialed ??? IT was a nighmare for players and the ref .



Because they club championship doesn’t matter a fcuk to the powers that be.

Their answer to the club game having the life choked out of it was to introduce more county games. And with the B championship or whatever you want to call it there will be even more of them. Despite Duffy and O’Feargail swearing there would be no increase in the amount of inter county ganes just just three years ago.

More and more the elites are seriously out of touch with the grassroots. A Roscommon motion to look at the calendar in its totality was slapped down yesterday without discussion.

Deplorable stuff.


Question: What happened to the rule on no playing or training for IC in December?

Yet we have Walsh Cup starting in just under three weeks?