Rule changes


its a disgrace that they are being done in the league. for most teams the league is becoming more important than championship, as has been bourne out by how exciting and well regarded it has become in the last decade.

of course, to some that is a challange to tradition which must be countered, and so yet again the very much secondary position of the league is re-inforced by this. It really will not affect the top guys but for the likes of Tipp its very unfair.

To try for promotion into division 1 during a once off period of experimental rules instead of the rules you have been familiar with all of your playing days is lousy - none of these rules may end up as pemanent but they may, for a few weeks or even just one match, just by happenstance favour one team (yeah, could be tipp), and that will get them promotion, or avoid relegation, and then go back to normal next year.

and in the meantime the GAA - who see the league as such an inferiour product as to do this - just copy and pastes Division 1 into the all ireland Quarter Finals. Sure, why not try out the new rules there?


if successful and rule changes brought in. A juvenile against the wind is unable to kick past the 45 so is it a constant throw up on 21 then. These may some bit of sense at highest level but for refs and for underage and weaker players these rules are madness and could ruin the game. Leave it ta fook alone. Just coach it better and encourage a more open game that man on man defending when taught properly can work and you don’t need 13 defenders behind the ball


How can an assembly such as this (many of whom have no playing experience at any notable level) dictate the future of the game? It is nuts.

They seem to me to be like a group of lads sitting down in a PlayStation office somewhere and messing around with the controls.


Keeper only has to kick it 25m from the hand (up to U14). If he makes a balls of it he can chase after it and kick it again - no problem!!! Only if a defender plays it inside the 45 it becomes a throw in.


but if opposition see that it is not reaching they can fill the area and collect the ball before he can get it and also is he allowed to touch it directly again before anyone else from either team after his own kickout im not sure


All people taking kick outs, up to and including inter county, can kick the ball multiple times once they don’t take the ball to hand. They can dribble all the way and score the other end if they are good enough!!!


Even with a stiff breeze against them, he should manage to kick it 25m!!


maybe but I still think it just all panders to the elite and not the majority who just want to play and enjoy the game


Wow never knew that tbh!


Ya learn something new every day!!


You do indeed!

The possibilities for Clucko in this are endless! A couple of pitch length dribbles in the early rounds of Leinster next year, culminating in a 30 metre scorcher to the net will surely elicit that elusive All Star!


I commented on the “first draft” of these rules here Rule changes and nothing has changed my mind to agree or even give them a chance, for reasons people have leuded to here.

Event the PR for it is is poor. David Cliffords picture in the official article is pictured executing a handpass, when its clearly a fist pass! :joy:

Anyways, my humble views on the rules and for now the penalty’s for breaking the rules except the black card are irrelevant.

Proposal 1: Hand Pass

Proposal for Experimentation (The Hand Pass): To introduce a restriction of three consecutive passes of the ball with the fist or open hand by players of the team in possession.

The playing of the ball by open hand(s) or fist for the purpose of scoring a point shall not be deemed a hand pass.

This bit bugs me, why cant (or it should be enforced that is) it be part of the 3 passes. So if you go to pass hand/fist pass over the bar and it drops short does it now become one of the 3 passes? Its like a group of pissed off administrators wanted to have the last say to be featured in the minutes.

My Verdict: Waste of time, too many variables, says nothing about when does the allowance revert back to zero i.e. if an opposition touches the ball, if ball touches ground etc…

Proposal 2: Sideline Kick

Proposal for Experimentation (Side-line Kick): The ball shall be played forward from the kick except where the kick is inside the 20m line of the opposing team.

My Verdict: for the hand pass rule they analysed 322 YES 322 games, for this sideline change they analysed 10, YES JUST 10!.. a complete waste of time this change, also given a refs, managers, spectators position it could look as if a ball is played backwards, what happens if he kicks the ball and the wind takes it back…technically the ball has travelled backwards

Proposal 3- The Advanced Mark

  • The application of the Mark shall be standardised as follows:

Fifteen seconds shall be allowed for a Free to be taken from a Mark.
My Verdict: perfect for slowing the game down

Proposal 4: Sin-Bin

Proposal for Experimentation (Sin-Bin): To have a Penalty on the day for a Black Card Infraction by ordering off the offending player for ten minutes in a Sin Bin.

The 10 minutes shall commence with the ordering off to the sin-bin and shall end on the expiry of the 10 minutes, irrespective of delays.

  • The maximum number of substitutions in normal time to return to five.
  • The duties of a Referee and Sideline Official to be amended in accordance with the main Proposal.

Aim: To reduce the reported increase in cynical play/fouling and implement a penalty which encourages behavioral change, as the introduction of the sin-bin will give rise to an immediate material disadvantage for the team that has a player ‘sin binned’. A corollary of this- and perhaps why this proposal was widely supported by players surveyed on these experimental rules during October 2018- is that the player who receives a black card is permitted to return to the field of play after 10 minutes. For players who, perhaps upon considered review, may have been harshly awarded a black card in the first instance, this experimental proposal does offer some form of redemption.

My Verdict: So if you have a lad black carded twice then your subs count goes down to 5, on top of that you have to monitor 10mins disregarding delays, whilst all along the watering down of abuse to the match officials continues. As someone else mentioned, why have the term “irrespective of delays” in it?

any manager worth his salt will wait just 1 minute and then the signal will be made for teammate to go down, maybe even 2teammates to receive treatments and 7 minutes later the black carded player saunters back on ALL WITHIN RULES!!

Utterly pointless and will be hilarious trying to keep in check, especially if you have multiple players black black carded within 2 or 3 minutes of each other

In essence what they have done here is lessened the black card punishment and this stinks of manager and county board influence

The current black card system enhances stronger panels chances at winning, this new rule further makes it stronger

Proposal 5: Kick-Out

Proposal for Experimentation (Kick-Out): The kick-out shall be taken off the ground from a point on the part of the 20 m line that forms the semi-circular arc.

The ball shall not be played by a defending player until the ball has crossed the 45m line (nearest the kick-out point) or is played by an opposing player.

All players, other than the Goalkeeper (and another player if the goalkeeper is not taking the kick-out) shall be outside the 20m line, outside the arc and 13m from the ball until it has been kicked.

My Verdict: So now if players know their kick out wont make the 45m they either purposely foul the ball or let the opposition get it and then start tackling. Will be fantastic on a windy day when the 45m line might aswell be a mile away.

Hope they make the referees book a little bigger, A3 should do it.


Seems like the new rules trials showed the game to slow up and favour defences. Personally would scrap them all except the sin bin which IMO should copy the format of Ladies football.


Reading that article it is hard to understand what the committee is doing. If the purpose of the trial games was to see if there were any negative consequences and seemingly there was nothing but, how are they still pressing ahead.

I hope central council do the right thing and stop these rules from being implemented in the league. The very most these rules deserve is further trialling at a lower level, not trialling in football’s second competition.


Yeah … Go Games … and leave them there.


Three hand passes? How’s that going to work? Most Refs can’t even count two hops or four steps in the current rules.


Ah no, sure you would end up turning young kids off from playing the game.


Incredible that a commitee could put forward these rules.Everybody who read them when they came out could predict exactly what is in Malachys article. They have the opposite effect to what is needed. They will make the game slower and more defensive. The silver lining,for the guys who decided Cluxton hasnt been the best the last 5 years,is it will kill his biggest weapon the fast restart.


More incredible that the powers to be seem to think they are credible …


Agree.Surely someone with half a brain could have analysed it for 10 mins and said lads can you come back with something better.Surely it should have been triaĺled before it was announced publicly.I thought there was some merit in Brollys proposal.