Rule changes


I’ve taken a while to look into the rules and the more I think of it, the more ridiculous they are.

First and foremost, I cannot get my head around why some people within the GAA are determined to undo everything Cluxton has done for the game. The art of what he does from kickouts is something the powers that be are trying to take away from him. Its almost that because no team can break even on a Dublin kickout that these people on the committee decide they have to level the playing field themselves.

A forward sideline only? 3 yellows for a red? Its just bizarre.

If you want to limit the handpass and introduce the offensive mark go to the AFL. Because what we’ll see is a couple of handpasses out the pitch then a hoof into the big man in the square in the hope for the best.

What rationale is there behind this all? What research have they done. Some of these suggestions are worse than what you’d hear from the know all down the local who’s had a few too many. As rebus said, one of them sounds like it was decided at the afters of a wedding.

Its evident that those on the committee don’t really know what they’re at, and have clearly not thought past the intercounty level aspect of it too. The difficulties implementing this at club level have been laid clear since the proposals were announced.

These proposals aren’t tackling what the real issue is. Unfortunately it appears the GAA’s main desire is to create rules that Dublin will struggle with. The reality is this team and management would adapt to any new rules better than any other team.

The issue with our game currently lies with managers. Managers setting their team up not to lose rather than win. Managers with no ambition for the team other than to not damage their reputation. Managers with no idea how to coach a team how to attack. There’s too many bluffers in top jobs who simply copy what other teams do, and have no actual plan themselves. Managers refusing to accept the need for a 2 tier championship.

These rule changes are beyond a joke and will absolutely not improve our game. The rules do not need a radical overhaul, its the structures that do. And until that’s done, no matter what rule changes you make the same issues will always be there


TBH it does look like someone has distilled the following “truths” from the past five years :
1 Dublin are susceptible to a high ball into their back line
2 Dublin don’t have the best midfield in the country
3 put cluxtons kickouts under pressure and slow them down and Dublin lose their game plan
4 only Dublin can use the bandpass to destroy the blanket defence.
And have framed rules to put all the above into games as teams in their own can’t.

The trouble is these rules will suit the current Dublin football team and if they are not coming in for 2020 you can bet of all teams ours will be the best prepared.

The rules also show that this committee is quite happy with the blanket defence, a formation which is hated unless used against Dublin where you get the “sure why not it’s all they can do to keep the score down” arguments.

Anyway like I’ve said, I think we will actually do very well under this.


Doesn’t matter what way they change the rules, JG will have a plan…


Of course he will. Whether it be the 2019 league or the 2020 championship, Jim Gavin’s squad will be the best organized and & best prepared one in the country, regardless of what new rules apply. Just like they always are. Everyone else will be running to catch up. Just like always. Can’t wait to see the wailing and gnashing of teeth when everyone realises the new rules discommode us not one single jot !


They say a poor tradesman blames his tools, you could also say a poor manager blames the rules. The stats are not there to change the rules, instead their there for the manager and coaching staff to adapt their game. Seems we prefer to change the rules rather than improve the quality of managers


The more I think about these rule changes, and the more club football I watch over these last few weeks, the more I’m convinced that these rule changes are not needed. The quality of club football that I’ve seen across the country has been excellent. Club football in Ireland is in great health. The 5 rule changes would all either negatively impact club football, or be next to impossible to effectively enforce. They are not addressing the problem football faces.

Currently, intercounty hurling and intercounty football are operating on different levels. The hurling championship last year had its best year in my memory. Entertainment out of this world. The powers that be changed one thing to get this result - the format. They did not alter the rules, they simply got the best teams playing each other week in week out. Its not rocket science.

It must also be remembered a tiered championship that is being so staunchly opposed by some in football, has been effectively in place for some time now in hurling. Granted, most county’s preference is football, but it can be made work. As long as the current format remains, the gap will only increase. Its amazing and equally frustrating how small minded some people are in relation to this subject.

At club level, compare hurling and football. The gap seen at county level is not there at club level. I’d actually argue the quality of club football is higher than hurling. Club level is where 99% play their game. When these rule changes were being made, it is clear no consideration was given to this fact.

The rules simply do not need to be changed. All that needs to be changed is format. Get a structure in place where the best teams are playing each other on a consistent basis. Its no wonder the league always is better than the championship in terms of quality. Teams on an even level playing each other. Again, its not rocket science.

Leave the game alone. Don’t change the rules because the structure is wrong. Change the format to save the game. It’s all that’s required.


Excellent post. I am not averse to rule changes, where needed. The only proposal worth considering, for me, is the sin bin. Everything else (including all other yellow/red/card issues) need to go in the permanent bin.


there is a guy on twitter - alan kinsella i think who does irish political literature - whose son was in a match where they did the new rules

thread here


The proposed handpass rule is madness. It completely takes away the skill of holding possession coming out of defence with off the shoulder runs.


That’s the point, they want lads in flat caps wearing blackthorn boots lumping the ball up d’field to some carthorse so he can win a mark


The game is called football. It would be nice to occasionally see a foot make contact with the ball. Either that or change the name to Handball or Ocassional Football.


Ban the blanket defence and no need for all the hand passing. Simples


In fairness there was far too much handpassing long before blanket defences …


Grand! But you still have to look at handpassing.


Agree need to do something regarding blanket defence. What can be done to counterpoint this? Keep players in zones hard to implement at club level as would nearly need a second referee. The new rules proposed will make it harder for teams to break down defensive teams. Gaelic football is been poisoned by negative coaches.


I think the blanket is becoming less prevalent. The teams that are still doing it are the poorer ones who see it as their best chance to win a game or two. But in the main it is no good keeping the score down if you aren’t going to score enough yourself. I think the penny has been dropping on this with most people.


I’d like to see some form of zonal influence brought in whereby a defending team can’t have more than 2 additional men within their own 45 (1 of those presumably will be the goalie).


but sure we faced teams in the QF, SF and Final of the all ireland who were blankety.


Not as extreme as previous. All recognising now that they will not score enough. I expect them to work further on this as they know they are going nowhere in current genesis.


i wish i had your optimism. If i was a blankety manager i would be praying these rule changes came in it would copper fasten donegal’s tactics against us in 2011.