Rule changes


That is the glaring issue with this - a blanket defence is nearly unbeatable now.


Agree on the offensive mark as well, I hate the mark in Aussie rules, should catching a ball be the only asset? Meh.


Odd how people are so very receptive to black card being replaced by a sin bin. On an individual level the sin bin isn’t as bad but for your team a sin bin is far more detrimental than being able to replace the offending player, too harsh IMO if it is applied the same way the black is


In fairness, the three yellows to get sent off would help Small stay on the pitch for us.


Is that the ex Galway hurler?


+1. Committees like this abolished one of the best competitions in u21 football championship.


Just a thought but could they not have come up with something along on the lines of making the defending team keep 3 players inside the opponents 65, gives attacking team the option to create overlaps, potential to create more space to get shots off and create goal scoring chances. Other side of this is, teams could be punished if they start passing the ball backwards as there will be more players in middle third of pitch.

On the black card - needing 3 yellows to be sent off is a joke, would keep the current set of cards but make it that a black card is a sin bin for X mins before being be replaced. This coupled with the above could lead to more open games.

Also manageable enough for the referee.


What him says.


These suggestions would fundamentally change our games, forever - why? I really don’t get most of this. Why?


No idea. Ridiculously drastic. Fine try an occasional tweak but this will fundamentally change football.


I’d be curious as to what level of analysis is undertaken by this GAA appointed group.
It has all the hallmarks of a combo of school/parish council and eternal GAA Commitee /delegates.
GAA now being a multimillion business with tv rights etc at stake, you’d expect that any review leading to proposed rule changes would be forensic analysis of all games in past 5 years to the level that any county or senior VA club analyst would undertake on any 1 game.
The proposed sideline rule would strike you as something come up with in the meeting equivalent of the afters of a wedding.


Is the QOTW thingy still running?


I suspect there’s an element of sarcasm in there as I feared it was somewhat long winded analogy :disappointed:

That said it’s a ludicrous suggestion of a rule with numerous drawbacks and so you’d have to think the lads were locked in a room and told to come back with 5 suggestions to keep Brolly and co quiet.


Stop being so modest!


I know he’s a poster here but the forensic thought and understanding of post match analysis (on grass roots) would lead me to think that if you gave 4 or 5 GAA analysts 6 months and 5 years of video tape and small budget for their time, they’ll come back with some effective suggestions for GAA.


I think most agree that some change was needed, but I can’t see most these proposed rule changes making the game more attractive.

Difficult to referee and less chance of goals because it will be more difficult to work an opportunity

Sideline kick
Favours the defense who’ll get more men back

Apart from difficulties in refereeing, will the forwards now be all 7ft

Sin Bin
Agree with this , but three yellows to get sent off?

Kick out
The reset will slow everything down. No more quick kick outs. Is Cluxton being punished for his excellence again?


These new rule changes seem to be looking to tackle the symptom of the problem rather than the cause of the problem.

None of these rule changes tackle the plague that is the blanket defense. Until they tackle that problem there is no point in going with the other ones.


I read the entire proposal for rule changes. Assinine. I try to look for the ‘good’ in these proposed changes but I can’t find any. Bring back the halcyon days of catch and kick! There were no halcyon days. Football was muck back in the ‘good old days’. Like Aussie rules. Hoofing the ball up in the air.
While they were at it, the committee should have proposed bringing in the Rugby tackle and then we could change the name to Aussie Rules. Changing the rules won’t beat the Dubs. Dublin will react more quickly than any other county if there are wholesale changes. Be warned. These clowns will do anything to stop Dublin winning 5 in a row. Anything…


Relax. It is not possible for this to happen that quickly.

The GAA’S Standing Committee on the Playing Rules has issued a list of proposed experimental rule changes for Gaelic Football.

The SCPR now plans to engage in a consultation process in relation to these rules during the month of October and will hold detailed discussions with players, coaches, referees and officials.

If approved by Coiste Bainistíochta, the proposed rule changes would be implemented as a trial during the 2019 Allianz Football Leagues. Any trial rules would not feature in the 2019 Championship but, based on their success in the trial phase, could be approved by Congress 2020 for implementation in the 2020 Championship.


Fair enough. But they will stop at nothing to halt the drive for 6 in a row.!!