Rule changes


I doubt it - sure it’s all been out there for a long time now. Perhaps they got a sweetener …


Looking back at September’s final again yesterday, one other thing that came to my mind was with regard to the"forward mark" is that a defending player should be similarly awarded (if the rule is introduced) if making such a catch. Too often, a defender (or goalkeeper) makes a great catch, like Howard did at the death v Tyrone, but, unlike Howard, they can’t stay on their feet and are engulfed by two or three opposing players and get pulled up for over-carrying.


Maybe … But then it’s just Aussie Rules


Agree completely. Should be for both sides or none.

I think these rules will die an ignominious death.


It is one of the (temporary) rules I don’t agree with. But if you’re going to reward an attacking player making the catch then it should also apply to a defensive player.


This is the case, A defender or GK can indicate he wants the mark in the same way a forward can once the ball has been played from outside the 45m and traveled the requisite distance.


Good shout, if an intercepted kick forward was rewarded with a mark it ‘might’ encourage more contesting the ball and less pulling and dragging by defenders. A small fast defender could make an impact against a big forward in that case and could actually make the game more interesting with teams accepting size mis-matches for tactical reasons


The game would become totally stop start.


I remember the days they just played football…


Fair enough, I (obviously) didn’t realise that.


When will know if new rules will be implemented for league? The GPA were supposed to have meeting with GAA about this.


Will be discussed after the Mickey Mouse competitions are finished.


Kevin Cassidy on the button here.