Rule changes


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would love to see Dermo back, I know we won this year without him but he has to much to offer to be watchin from the stands. God forbid a couple of injury’s for us and everything could change for us. Its better to have him than want him. Bring him back and leave the fuckin rules alone


Apparently ploughing on regardless …


I was previously in favour of the sin-bin proposal but there will some amount of timewasting by teams playing under a sin-bin ruling until the 10 minutes elapses, as the 10 minutes ends “irrespective of delays”.
Totally against this now.
Hand pass rule? Ridiculous.

Side-line kick rule, the worst of them all.

Advanced mark? Maybe worth a trial though I am not generally in favour.

20m kick out rule is neither here nor there and pointless, in my opinion.


Can someone please confirm will these changes affect club players this coming season?


My thoughts exactly on the Sin Bin. 10 mins regardless of delay just makes a farce of it. Fellas will be hitting the deck continuously using up valuable sin bin time.

Such a half arsed effort of bringing in new rules!


AFAIK - if passed these rules would keep into play for the 2020 season at club level but I could be wrong.


If each rule get’s through congress 2020 which is a big if


Cheers thanks @MarysMan…i wasnt too sure as hearing conflicting stories but what you say is what I thought…would make no sense at all trying them in the coming season


As said above, wont be in the club games nor championship next season. Potentailly from 2020 on.

The mark is not even great now. Originally it was a kick from outside the 45 and caught inside the 20. Now it is a kick over the distance of 20m from outside the 45 and caught inside the 45. Basically we will have marks all over the pitch now.


I was in Germany at a game many years ago. People starting throwing money at the players. There were marks all over the pitch.


I see the number of subs has been reduced to 5 from 6.


their fuckin the game up. leave it be


Reduced from 5 to 6? Great trick!


The sixth was introduced at the last minute to get the black card through a few years ago. It would make sense to take it away if the black card isn’t there.


Agreed. A case, however, could be made for allowing 6 subs in both codes for inter-county games of 70 minutes duration, given the physicality involved now.


Nonsense you’re just saying that because Dublin have a much bigger and better bench than everyone else …

Maybe bring in a rule that not more than three of your subs can have more than three All Ireland medals … :smile:


They’ll be in operation at this weekend’s O’Byrne cup games.


Crazy stuff. Flynner must have had no objections …


Or NO alternatives ? Were the GPA caught blindsided by this and reacted too late?

Ultimately it will be the players who make this either work or fail. Some of the rules (sin bin) are good suggestions all be it flawed in its current wording, sidelines a bit of a joke, determining if a ball has travelled 20m for the Mark will be open to perception / interpretation, kickouts always had to travel 13m anyway so using the arc to determine this is not too bad.