Rugby 2018


More likely the Welsh on their tour of the Pacific Islands :wink:


Outside of the 70K payment, it’s no harm for a lot of our players to take a break. Not sure fringe players benefit from it really other than the cash

The Lions in recent years, while something to follow in June, is a load of rubbish these days despite the media frenzy. A bunch of lads from teams who dislike each other thrown together for a 6 week tour to a country that they play every year with their own countries. It was different in the old days when it was a level of mystique touring the southern hemisphere. Can’t fault the players for loving the traditional aspects to it i guess.Personally i have never warmed to the red jersey!


Sure how long ago was that they changed the name to the British AND IRISH Lions ? Not sure how the Republic born players might have felt about it before then . But I wouldn’t have any insight how rugby players feel about these things …


Delighted Hartley didn’t get picked. Didn’t deserve it on discipline grounds alone. First thing the AB’s would have done would be to provoke him and he’d react and either get the sin bin or a red card.

Still think there’ll be one or two Irish in there. There’s always one or two injuries picked up before or during the tour. Zebo could be there yet


ROG not giving a ■■■■ :grin:


They could bring afew recruits for NZ on the plane as well.


He’s only just making the english team to be fair, if he wasnt captn i’d day he’d have lost his place by now.

Launchbury is very unlucky, thought he had a very strong six nations.


Agree totally - it is the Eurovision of the sporting world. It has become a self perpetuating media contrived nonsense which is just one glorified jolly and cash cow. With all the rugby played these days and the movement of rugby players (ahem) it is meaningless. But they’ll hype the sh1t out of it anyway …

Bah sport, TV, greed, hype …


Not a chance Heaslip and Kearney should have been picked. Both are finished at the top

Ringrose and Zebo are the ones that were marginal calls I’d imagine and still could play yet as still a lot of club rugby to be played.


Player of the tournament and gatland picks two injured second rows


Very harsh alright … especially after he changed his surname to Llaunchbury in the hope of a late call up.




Interesting to see what happens with Farrell and Sexton. Hardly going to leave one of them on the bench or use one of them only for the midweek games


Farrell could play at 12


True. Gatland shouldn’t have named him as one of the Fly Halfs IMO would have been able to give himself an extra kicker just in case. Sexton will be targeted by the AB’s


In fairness, all 10’s are targeted, even by the Irish.


Farrell is the second 10. Biggar is midweek only


Cian Healy given two weeks at hearing , for charging into ruck in Connacht game .


Most Welsh men wouldn’t have a clue about where they are, in fairness. Next to the Hebrides, yeah?


I’d say a fair few have a good chance of making the starting 15 and 23.
McGrath, Furlong, Murray, Sexton and maybe Henshaw to start.
One of Stander/SOB starting and the other on the bench.
Best on bench. Could see Henderson on the bench as he covers second row and back row. Maybe even Payne due to his ability to cover 13 and 15, and being from NZ :grinning:.
But then it’s Gatland so he’ll probably just throw in mainly english and welsh.

Hogg isn’t a great tackler either. But I do like a full back that can beat a player.