Rugby 2018


Has he family in Mayo? :fist_left:t2:


He goes in with the shoulder, not the elbow.


The Springbok getting practice in


didnt see the Farrell tackle but listening to O’Sullivan and Keith Wood on the riadio and they felt it was a penality but Wood didnt think it was a yellow, O’sullivan said t could have been a yellow but there was very little outrage really.


Wood is probably right. There was no arm wrap to speak of so it was a penalty, all day long and not a yellow. The thing is, 2-3 inches higher (or if Ersterhuizen lowers himself by 2-3 inches going into the tackle) and Farrel’s shoulder connects with the face and it’s a red card. Such are the fine margins now.


The All Blacks have always been the masters of that ‘tackle’ …




They’re really giving it the “lest we forget” as an intro to the England All Blacks game .


The English fans singing during the Haka hopefully the wheels come off the chariot and they get a hiding


Always hope that but screw the haka.


New Zealand back in this .


I think it’s great, though they could work on the second verse and chorus, not really good enough for karaoking.
Lots of mistakes in this game, Eng throwing away their chance. ABs playing a cautious game, not giving much away Pre-WC.


All Blacks destroying the English line out


Whoever gets the next kick able penalty has this, almost certainly ABs because Eng using line out too much


Karma for the English

I thought he was onside there


Hard call. ABs very lucky. Barrett yet again poor in defence. But the real test of Eng now is how they respond. Am actually disappointed in ABs looking for TMO on a technical there. Brainless stuff there from Eng with the game for the taking, that’s typical of them so often the last few years.


Unfortunately now I would expect a much better performance by NZ next week but there’s weaknesses there consistently now that they need to sort out


Borderline but they were constantly offside (for me) during the game.
Farrell, for the tramp that he is, had a brilliant game.


Why did Brad Shields and Dylan Hartley not join in with The Haka?
And Bundee Aki next week?


Fucking delighted with that. SA were robbed last week when it should have been a red for Farrell and a peno for the Boks to win the game