Rugby 2018


The Argies are giving the Aussies a bit of a fisting right now.


Some comeback by Australia, I’m sorry I went to bed at half time, now.


That’s very naughty talk Beeko!!


You know what the rugby fraternity are like.


Also a very dramatic coming from behind in South Africa Beeko. Were the Boks shafted?


Bugger if I know.


… what a fisting is like?




So to summarise, Beeks (a fitting rugger nickname) is sad that he went to bed early and missed out on some fisting! I see​:yum::rofl:


That’s quite the deduction!


Well you mentioned the fisting and then said you were sad you went to bed and missed half of it!:rofl::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::joy::joy:


The fisting took place in the first half. :sunglasses:


I hope bummer does nt contribute to this thread.


Leinster on fire tonight


52-3 @ FT

Gonna take some stopping based on tonights performance


What odds on Leinster/Ireland doing back-to-back European Cups and Grand Slams?

Leinster academy producing serious talent. I can’t imagine anyone (other than international teams) can compete with Leinster’s strength in depth in the front and back rows.

Stadium announcer’s voice would grate you, though. And there are still plenty of right alickadoo areseholes supporting the goys.


Is that Diana Ross (in a scrum cap) who came on as a sub for Leinster instead of Rob Kearney?


You’re just a fool to keep waiting for an answer to that.


WHO WERE they playing?


London/Coventry Wasps.