Rugby 2018


Razzie turning SA around already?, although sounds like they were haunted to win. SA of the last few years would not have been near enough to take advantage.


They played great, very smart and brave going after the ABs and never let the pace down, like Ireland in Chicago but this was a different level again, the hits were massive and non-stop, the SA defending was phenomenal, they got away with offsides but in fact the ref gave the ABs all the big decisions in the last 15-20 mins, even the NZ commentators said so.
Like in the final Lions game the ABs would surely have won if had gone for a drop-goal but refused to go for it. I think that’s a flawed philosophy.


Glad to hear the boks playing well again, buddy of mine is from SA and she’s depressed for days after they lose.


AIG financial doping. Look at the size of their population.

Meanwhile … v good win for the goys


The welsh teams are stinking the place out.


Scarlets (beat Leinster) and Ospreys have 2 wins out of 3 :thinking:


This weekend :grimacing::yum:


Check out the recording of the game, it was non-stop attacking drama, alot of mistakes but some great tries and great defending. And then there was Barrett’s brain-farts, the try he gave away was one of the worst bits of arrogant play I’ve ever seen, it completely let his team down, and then the missed kicks, if that had been Sonny Bill then fat Hansen would’ve taken him off. But some very exciting young talent in the Boks team.

I think Hansen is a liability for the Blacks at this stage and things may yet go south for them in the WC with him in charge. I would fancy Joe Schmidt to outdo Hansen at this stage, the way Gatland did last year. But they won’t change coach at this stage because they have such a talented team that kills most teams. But they are headed for trouble when the crunch game comes.

If Ireland beat NZ in Dublin I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t an approach to JS. It’s still odds on a NZ win but Ireland will have them tactically and mentally.


Great post!


They were under SA’s posts, also - as handy a drop-goal choice you’d see, if they had chosen so. Maybe they don’t trust Barrett.


Argentina weee excellent last week v AB n getting victory yesterday v Oz … could be v competitive next year at WC if these and England /France get their act together … hope we have not peaked to early ?


That thought crossed my mind as well, nz have done that a few times in the past.


I think it’s different with JS, like Gavin his teams set a standard and try to keep improving on it. They win things without hype or much fanfare. Mentally they seem to keep a very good balance.
That said we just don’t have the talent of NZ, Arg are looking very strong, SA on the up.
But as long as Jones there I can’t see Eng improve all that much, and France may have a way to go yet. Though that might suit them too if they can lurk.


Yeah I agree … Schmidt seems to have that factor but the one big downside of his n Ireland’s game is we don’t put teams to de sword … that’s where comparisons with Gavin differ

In rugby terms de dubs are de AB … in gaa terms Ireland are MAyo … lovable … game … achieve more than there sum of parts but if the rest get their act together in next 12 months we will most likely fail … anything less than WC semi is absolute failure at dis stage


Ire don’t have anything like the individual talent of the ABs, or in relative context, Dublin footballers. All the more credit to JS’s abilities as a coach


Agree dats why i say greater than sum of their
Parts and credit to the organisation n Schmidt on dat

Based on past season we are been touted as sure thing semis which of coz is the glorified media view but I wud not bet on it


I think JS will have learned alot from last WC


Just read that in event we win group which is likely we get either AB or boks in QF… again most likely SA and given that they seem to be going in right direction I wud not rate us anymore than 50/50 to reach semi final


Zebo flying in France


Yeh that’s right. Best we can hope for is that Boks go very well and we end up playing them with them as favourites. As it stands we have a much betetr consistent level of performance than them, we have beaten them a couple of times so no hang-ups, and we have possibly the best coach in the world right now.
If we get through and end up playing the ABs we would surely be underdogs no matter what but I’d back JS to be able to outsmart Hanson to some extent.