Rugby 2018


Well done Strings, great career, great servant to Ireland.
Wonder will he open up a club - Peter Strings?


Hell look really messed up when he hits 50 & above :joy:


Well there is a vacancy :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


… and he’d know a few hookers.


The bank could prop him up til he gets up and running.


Would you have to be over 22 to get in?


Unless you could out-flank the bouncers!


That could cause a bit of a ruck


A lot of big lads in the front row seats.


Might hire a few ladyboys from Leinster


Sam Warburton retired. only 29. Just shows the attrition of it all. Thank god in our sports you can be 5 foot nothing as they say, and barring serious bad luck, play away hassle free for as long as you want.


Read O’Driscoll and Ferrris autobiographies on hols. BOD has had his vertebrae fused among other things - Ferris’ ankle is in shite - among other things. I doubt there’s a pro player that won’t carry some injury legacy into his middle age.


concussion or other injury?


Thankfully not. Only glanced at the article but he’s had neck surgery and was unable to get back playing.


I can see it where very few (if any) play rugby beyond 18 or 19 years of age unless they play professionally. A bit like American football.


Unbelievable. Some people will just never learn.


Going by the bould Dylan Hartley antics this will probably get Cipriani back in the team.


He was only just back in the team :joy:

Can’t even claim to be young anymore


It’s the real reason the English underperform at rugby. Their players are arrogant dick heads.


Dylan Hartley isn’t arrogant.
A dickhead, however, he is.