Rugby 2018


Referee was shocking

If you pull down a maul on the line and give a penalty how is it not a yellow and a penalty try?


Cheika is a tramp, also. Deliberately sent his players out to injure and/or provoke key Irish players.
The ends justify the means but rather than kick at goal to go 4 points ahead I wondered at the time if Ireland would have been better served kicking into the corner and winding down the clock. That last minutr or two were very nervy.


Best shape ever heading into the World Cup year?


16 months to go … who knows what may happen …


Yeah I thought they should have gone to the corner and wind the clock down and try win another penalty but it was some kick from Sexton.


Don’t rate Marmion myself but I believe Luke McGrath is good back up to Murray. Doesn’t have the complete skill set like Murray but a good back up nonetheless


True enough, the wheels could come off before then but looking stronger then in the past.


Can’t really afford anything to happen to Murray or Sexton tbh


Just listening to Saturday Sport on the radio. Pat Fenlon, obviously not a rugby man, but he made a valid point that the current state of England, compared to where they were 16 months ago, ought to be a warning for the Irish set up. It can go awry so very quickly.


True but that England team were never anything special. Joe S’s main issue is trying to keep ahead with the tactics, and the fact that Johnny S might be a bit over the hill by the time the WC comes around.

Great series win for Ireland and the game last night was gripping. Referee was pretty poor, for both sides in the end though gave Aus more. Doubly delighted to see the Aussies beaten, and the Cheika chump put in his box. The VAR for the pass at the end was ludicrous, and I was listening to the Aussie commentary, they couldn’t bring themselves to say what was blatantly obvious from the first replay - they went al silent, then a couple of mumbled comments like “maybe just caught a finger there…?” :rofl:

Far too easy for the ABs, could easily have scored 60.


Great off the field signing for Leinster


He’s a fully qualified doctor isn’t he?! :thinking:


Yep. Got his Doctorate in UCD IIRC


And now he’s feckin wastin it. I’d say his mammy is raging - not to mention his daddy after the cost of putting him through medicine. Shocking.


Won All Ireland Sigorsen Cup with UCD.


Was that not Socrates …

[Brazilian footballer as distinct from the philosopher who actually played Fitzgibbon]


Thought it was Zico for Trinity?


Great achievement to
Win series in oz but hard to believe with all that pocession we were outscored 6-3 on tries over the series …



Some abs on the chap. And he’s 40!